Letting go of the false self

Magdi Badawy, 10-08-2023

Hello everyone.

So, we’ll start this meeting with a brief guided meditation.

Just sit comfortably,
and welcome your experience,
just as it appears to you right now.

Without any effort;
lovingly, gently

And for the duration of this meeting as much as possible,
you can disregard or let go or relax your mind around the past.
Let the past be what it what it is.
You don’t need to bring it in to your current experience.

Whatever arises,
you don’t need to fix it,
you don’t need to do anything about whatever thoughts appear to you.

Whatever, sensation memory appears to you. It’s okay.
We don’t need to do anything about it.
We don’t need to to do anything at all.
Simply welcome this moment.

Welcome yourself without a need to know anything about it.

You can turn your attention to the sensation within your body.
And simply notice.
This inner panorama of sensations.

Whatever questions arise
that call your attention.

Questions which have to do with this moment:
What is the reality of this moment?
What is my reality?

In this moment.

And this moment is not a moment in time.
It has no duration.
Duration is just a mind impression, thought,
a narrative about this moment, which has no duration.

Which is a moment of being not in time, being outside of time.


Meaning I know I am.

This magical knowingness.
I know that there is something rather than nothing.

And the knowing element is what we refer to as I, I being,
this effortless awareness.

Which in religious term were referred to as god’s awareness
or god’s being,
or god’s omniscience.

Notice the peace, the tranquility,
when the mind is at rest.

The gentle breath,
without any effort.

The universe, breathing,
through this body-mind.

The Cosmic Breath.

Because there is no separation
between the universe,
between the cosmos and yourself, your body, your mind.

Your body is the universe.
and your mind is the universe’s mind.
They are not two.

Allow misunderstanding.
Your body, your being to permeate.
Your being.

We have all inherited the false sense of self,
via various conditions.
We have somehow adopted the belief that we are a person,
that we are a man or a woman,
a good son, a good daughter, or a good student.

Somebody, somebody personal.
We’ve been somehow conditioned into the belief that we are born
and that we will die.
A strong identification with the body-mind.

And over time, we have all been conditioned to feel like we are somebody,
a man, a woman. Not only believe, but feel it.

A sense of limited mortal entity,
existing in time, space.
A sort of narrative, a story line.

A stream of memories and thoughts and sensations.

We are not a narrative,
we are not an entity which exists in time and space.
Thoughts appear to us.

Sensations, memories appear to awareness.
They appear to I, I Awareness.

Not I – a mass of cells, molecules, atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons.
Reality right now, which hears these words.

Reality which in this moment perceives this perception, which is aware;
Awareness itself, the true self, this simple awareness, this ordinary mind.

You all know that as a result of being identified as somebody,
a good guy, sweet, somebody; maybe not too sweet.

We’ve struggled with this identity.
Attempting to improve the image.
Attempting to find happiness and peace in the mind.
Trying to have a harmonious inner mental situation.

The more we have tried to find this for this separate self,
the more complicated it has become.

Because peace and happiness cannot be found in the mind
which is contaminated by the sense of separation,
which is infected by the belief in mortality, the fear of ending.

The endless personal desires.
Which once fulfilled are quickly replaced with the next unfulfilled desire.

And we rest and relax,
in this, and as this, ordinary effortless awareness,
without the need to do anything,
because awareness is right there right now effortlessly.

You can find your way around it.
You don’t need to hold down to the past,
your stories, your beliefs, your images, sensations, feelings.

Because you cannot find happiness while holding on to something.
It’s more of a letting go.
Letting go of your storylines about yourself.,
about others, about how you should be,
your past successes or failures.
Your future hopes…

The memory may arise in a certain aspiration.
Maybe to travel, to explore new art may arise within consciousness.

No need to make it a do or die goal.
And enjoy life celebrate life.
Like a feather enjoys being In the wind carried from here to there.

So for now, simply allow yourself to be as you are.
Whatever, is without a need to be anything.

No goal,
not trying to improve anything.

Simply being.
Not knowing.

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