A Glimpse into the Eternity of Being

Magdi Badawy, 10-01-2023

Hello everyone.
Lovely to be with you all.

So, for the newcomers, just a reminder that the first part of this meeting would be the guided meditation, followed by questions in discussion.

So for now,
sit comfortably and welcome your experience
just as it appears to you.
There is no separation.
Your experience is not separate from yourself.

We can pick up whatever activities that you need to take care of later on for now.
Simply be without any doing.
Allow yourself to be without knowing what you are
and without the need to know.
Be and let be.

Everything that appears to you appears to you effortlessly.

Out of the universal order.
Whatever that is.
We don’t need to know.

Because as being nothing is lacking.
All is well.

You are here because deep down you know yourself.
To be way beyond what appears to you.
Way beyond your images of yourself,
your beliefs about yourself,
your story, your narrative about yourself, about your life.

You know yourself to be way beyond that.
That inner intuition.

It is that little glimmer of light in the darkness,
your intuition of truth,
the intuition of peace,
the intuition of love and beauty,
the intuition of freedom.

Within you,
is that glimmer of light in the darkness.

The mind is constant movement and activity.
There is no certainty at the mind level.

But the intuition of freedom,
your intuition of truth,
which arises out of freedom itself, out of truth itself.

That you count on to guide you.

This intuition of truth and love and beauty
guides you to truth, love and beauty.

So we invite the mind
to be enlightened by truth, love and beauty, happiness.

So that our thoughts, our actions, our perceptions
are enlightened by love and wisdom.

In a glimpse of understanding,
you realize that you are not that which you perceive.

You are not that which you conceive.
There is a reality, one reality,
formless, invisible to your senses.
Which is whatever it is that perceives right now this first perception,
that we refer to as I.

In a glimpse you realize I is not an object in time and space.
That I is not a a male or a female form.

In a glimpse you realize that I is undeniable.
The formless self.

Infinite reality, which is and knows it is,
above anything else.

As you hear these words, there is a resonance within your being.
A silent resonance, a silent understanding.
A handshake.
The recognition.
That yes.
I am this borderless aware presence.

And not a male of female, a human body-mind.

There is the understanding that body-mind, sensations, perceptions
appear to you, but do not contain you.
You are not an appearance on the screen.
You are the reality of the appearance.

That which makes, gives power to the appearance.
The glimpse that you is not a personal you, a limited self.
A limited entity.

That you, universal being.

These words resonate within you.
They resonate within the truth within themselves.
The truth resonates to itself or within itself.

Being is universal.

Do not confuse yourself to exist in this world.
This world exists in you.

Can you answer?
Do not bother identifying yourself with the body.
Remain not knowing.
Be not knowing, your true self.

Allow this understanding to live itself,
in your life, to guide you.
You don’t need to be revert to the old paradigm,
the model of being somebody,
somebody wounded,
somebody improving,
somebody needing.
Let it all go.

Moment by moment.
As presence.
The path, the proper decision reveals itself to you.

The inner guidance is always there,
available to you.

It is this inner guidance,
which has guided you to this meeting.

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