Being not-knowing

Magdi Badawy, 09-24-2023

Hello, everyone.
Very, very lovely to be with you.

So we welcome this fresh moment,
without the past,
without knowing.
The simplicity of being.

Effortless being.
Loving being, loving itself.
Loving everything,
because everything is love.

Only love is true,
only love is real.
And we are that.

So as love,
I welcome myself.
I welcome you as myself.

It is the self welcoming itself to itself.

A joyful welcoming.

Enveloped in love,
enveloped in beauty.

Our journey is from being somebody,
from being someone,
to pure being.

An imaginary journey,
because in fact, we are never anything else
but pure being.

Like the wave is water.
Never been anything else but water.

As you relax into being,
a deeper and deeper resting.

The past is forgotten.
The personal identification is forgotten.

I dreaming.

Not I, a person.
Not I, a man, a woman, a body-mind,
but I that aware Presence,
effortless awareness.

Being not knowing,
and no need to know.

You cannot leave being.
You cannot leave yourself.

Your essence,
your true nature.

It is that which is real,
the reality of being.

There are no personal achievements,
because there is no real person.

The person is a storyline,
a bundle of memories, sensations, images.

A sand castle.

Being has no beginning and no ending.
You have no beginning, no ending.

You are not that which appears to you.
You are not that which is perceived.

You are the reality of being,
the reality which perceives.

But, which is not limited to perceiving.

I am is beyond any doubt.

What I am could be a fabrication of the mind,
a fabrication of thought,
a belief structure, a bundle of images.

What I am is simply I am.
All-ness, non-phenomenal being.

Which is its own proof.
The fact of being is the proof of being.

I am stands on its own,
does not depend on any thought or perception,
or any sensation.

While I am somebody requires a concept
of a body or of someone;
it requires memory and thought.

I am is completely free from any requirements.

Root yourself in I am, in being,
without adding the past, the future,
without any addition.

Being not knowing.
The purity of being.

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