A Simple Radical Understanding

Magdi Badawy 09-17-2023

Very lovely to be with you.

Let’s relax,
and sink into presence.

Which is our home,
our true and only self.

So that this meditation allows us
to soak into the peace,
the peace of being.

Simply be,
and notice without any effort
whatever is appearing to you;
and you do not appear.

Recognize yourself as this
invisible formless aware presence,
which knows It is.

It knows itself to be the changeless aspect,
the noumenal aspect,
that which neither comes nor goes.

Allow things to be as they are.
It is all God’s doing.
Universal impersonal doing,
a movement within the whole,
within the wholeness,
within the totality.

A tremor.
A vibration.
A fleeting sensation.
There is nothing at stake for anyone,
because there’s only one.

Only one reality.
And this reality is that which
perceives this perception right now,
creates and perceives not in time.

There is a simple,
and yet radically profound understanding:
That there is one reality.
Second to none.

The reality of Consciousness,

And that this reality is aware, knowing.
Throughout infinite minds
and infinite forms.

It is love.
It is truth.

And we are this reality,
this vastness.

The identification with the body-mind
is an illusion,
it is an expression of our freedom to identify,
if we so choose.

It’s the game of make-belief,
like children play the game of make-belief.

Like little girls imagining themselves to be mommies,
mothers, for their little doll, their baby.

Or boys, imaging themselves to be some sort of heroes.
It’s a game of make-belief.

But playing the game of I am a mortal form,
a person, a man, a woman, mother, father, is unhappy.

Because of the worry and the concern
about dying; because all bodies die.

All forms have a beginning and an ending.
As we identify with body-mind, a me-story,
there is a beginning and a concern about the ending.

It is a mind game, which affects the body.
Creating all sorts of mental worries and concerns
and various contractions within the body-mind.

And yet it is possible for us to meet.
Freshly, innocently without the past, without storylines.

Not knowing what we are.
Celebrating presence.
Celebrating this experience.

Which is one among so many.
A moment of celebration, and recognition.

The recognition that you are my very self,
and I am your very self.
One Self, one Reality, one Consciousness, one Love.

Not to be somebody,
somebody particularly.
Not to be somebody in time and space.
Not to know what you are.

And simply to be.
Being is.

Notice that whenever you define yourself in any way,
whenever you supposedly know what you are,
there is some baggage that comes along with it.

The sense of limitation.

Can we be like a newborn, every moment.
Trusting that the universe, the body-mind, which are not 2.
can maneuver, can steer, can point., can guide us.

After all, we don’t choose our thoughts.

They are fuzzy, they are universal thoughts.
They appear to us out of the cosmos.
And they reveal themselves to us.

And we decide.

In harmony,
not attempting to protect anything.

Because there is nothing separate,
to be protected.

Through this simple and profound understanding
that you, meaning the reality which perceives right now,
is not a form, an object in time and space.

And that the me-narratives
is a false narrative about reality.

The me, the you, the him, the her,
the what should it be,
what I should have done.

This me-narrative – me and the other – is a split.
A conceptual split,
which has no ground to stand on in truth.

Allow yourself to soak, bathe
in the unknown in the not knowing.

No worries.
No concerns.

You can trust that when the doorbell is rung,
somehow the body-mind will answer the door.

Being effortless.

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