The Invisible Self is your True Being

Magdi Badawy, 08-20-2023

Hello everyone.
Very lovely to be with you.
And, very lovely to be.

So we’ll start this meeting of for the newcomers with a guided meditation, and then you’re welcome to explore whatever questions you may have.

So you can turn your attention towards the source,
towards being,
that which you are,
that which you know yourself to be.

Beyond words beyond memory, beyond images

Invite yourself to rest and sink deeper and deeper into resting.

Allow whatever appears
to be as it is
without any interest in maneuvering,
guiding, fixing, adjusting,

Allow and invite every cell of your body.
Every cell of your being to fall deeper and deeper into not knowing;
and no need to know.

You are this not-knowingness.
This aware, borderless presence.

Which guides you to itself,
guides itself to itself.

You don’t need to do anything.
Nothing that you need to figure out.

You already are this invisible presence.
Alive, the reality of being.

Nothing which appears to you has any impact upon you.

You exist before existence,
you are before any manifestation.

Before a thought appears you are,
and as a thought appears you are.

And as a thought disappears you are.

Everything appears within you and to you,
from you as you, and you neither appear nor disappear.

You are that which cannot not be.
And outside of that, which cannot not be, nothing is.

This wakeful dream is your fantasy.

One of the infinite ways in which we can manifest.
You manifests as your sense of being somebody:
being a man, being a woman,
but you also manifest as the sunshine.

As the rain.
As the heartbeat,
as the breath.

Like the ocean manifests as infinite currents and infinite waves and wavelets.
It is always the ocean. irrespective of how you appear to be.

You remain infinite invisible reality,
which right now perceives this perception.

As this invisible and borderless reality
you imagine yourself to be a mortal body mind;
and you do so out of your freedom, your sense of play, your phantasy.

But it is in the stillness at the heart,
at the core of all activities,
at the core of all movement,
that you know yourself to be the source.

As you return to your innate stillness,
and as you soak more and more into your true self,
which is beyond movement,
that you know yourself
as that which neither comes nor goes.

Initially activities may appear to disturb you,
but in time, as you return more and more,
and are free to come to your inner stillness,
activities no longer disturb you.

You remain as you are,
whether there is activity or not.

So for now you can let go of defining yourself
as a man, a woman or defining yourself in any way.
You can let it go.

Let go of the habit to fix things or to adjust.
Let go, just for now, of the habit to define things.
Remain unknown.

Give attention to sensations within in the body
and release the sensation.

If there is any grip, release the grip.
No matter how minute.

No borders,
no definitions,
no structure.

Like a newborn.

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