What should be my Practice?

Magdi Badawy, 08-13-2023
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Join Magdi Badawy on a journey of self-discovery and liberation. He invites you to relax and embrace the present moment without attachment to outcomes. Experience the wonder of awareness and the mystery of existence. Discover the boundless freedom of being and the recognition that there is no separate self. Contemplate the essence of being and unveil the truth of non-separation. Embrace your freedom to let go of identification with the body and embrace the simplicity of resting in pure presence. Return to the understanding that you are the formless perceiving element, and allow knowingness to unfold naturally.


Hello everyone, lovely to see you, lovely to be with you.

So if you could relax.

Allow things to be as they are.
Without being interested in any outcome.

Simply be without a need to know.

Notice the sensations in the body,
the warmth,
the sensation of your feet on the ground.

In this effortless presence,
which is so simple, so effortless, so natural
and yet mind blowing.

The fact of awareness.

There is this magical unfolding and the knowingness;
this awareness permeates our entire being.

Such a mystery;
and we are that.

All of it.

There is no personal entity,
no limited self,
no limited consciousness anywhere.
That’s our experience.

Undivided and indivisible being, not knowing.
And yet knowing I is, I am
and knowing that this I is not an object.
It’s not a female or male from.

The I is itself.
It is what it is and knows that it is.
and knows that It knows.
And that it is the only knowingness,
this invisible presence, which perceives.

It knows it perceives,
which we refer to as I.

Such a wonder,
that there is a body mind form,
that there is a world,
that there are perceptions.

Infinite real potential of the absolute,
of the source.

Which is your very beginning.

The freedom of being, irrespective of
what happens at the level of the body mind.

Being remains as it is
untouched, unaffected, without any issues.

You are that borderless Awareness.

In that simple recognition all is well.
There is nothing you need to do.
There is no separate you anywhere to do anything.

Within that understanding there is no one to practice anything,
and there is nothing to practice.

So the contemplation is the contemplation of being
which already is without any personal doer,
without any personal goals or personal achievements.

This, the contemplator, who is contemplating itself.
Unveiling itself via the simple understanding that there is no separation anywhere.
that there is no other reality outside the reality of consciousness.

I borderless awareness, the one and only sense,
which is God’s freedom,
your freedom to identify yourself with the body,
to identify yourself with a bundle of images and sensations,
to imagine yourself to be somebody within a cocoon,
existing in time and space.

It is your freedom to do so, and it is your freedom to let it all go.

To stop the veiling, to stop the charade,
in the simple resting as being, resting as presence,
without trying to change,
without attempting to reach any goal or any stage.

As you know that you are not an object, a form which is born in time and space,
you can always return to that understanding.

Understanding that you are the knowing aspect, the formless invisible perceiving element.

And that there is nothing which exists outside that, that reality.

You can return over and over to not knowing, being not knowing.
And no one to know. Allowing knowingness to unfold, by itself, whichever way it does.

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