The Direct Path

Magdi Badawy, 07-23-2023

So if we can turn our attention inward
and welcome our experience, just as it appears.

There’s nothing that you need to do,
because there is no separate-self anywhere,
to do anything.

You don’t need to define yourself in any way.
You don’t need for now to recollect anything.

Simply be.

Notice the sensations arising within awareness.

No need to strive for anything right now.
And invite yourself to sink deeper and deeper,
into being,
into your true self.

Without knowing what that is,
and no need to know.
Like a leaf falling off the branch,
floating in the space, unconcerned.

You can notice whether there are
any contractions within your body.
The shoulders, belly.

No need to hold on.
No need to defend.
There is no danger.

In being and as being – meaning as presence, as awareness –
there are no divisions, no separation.

Separation is imagined.

The direct path is very simple:
I am not what I imagine myself to be.
I am not what I believe or feel myself to be.
I am the reality which perceives,
the reality which hears these words right now.
Whatever that is.

And there is one reality.

There is no personal self seeking anything.
The personal self and the seeking is just a play.
The play of children,

Displayed, created, experienced and perceived
by the one and only reality,
which in this moment is creating and perceiving
this experience right now.
You are that reality.

This reality itself which perceives.
Creates and perceives.
From itself to itself.

You don’t need to figure it out.
Simply relax in not knowing,
because the understanding comes to you.
It doesn’t come from you,
comes through you, to you.
from the self,
from the one and only real self,
from itself to itself.

And in being not knowing,
you are available,
because the stage is clear.

All is well in God’s kingdom,
and there is only one kingdom.

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