What remains after death?

Magdi Badawy, 05-28-2023

ChatGPT Summary:

The presence of stillness is at the core of all activity, and there is no personal doer doing anything. The personal story is just a script being written on the clouds, and the interpersonal story is an imaginary story that can be entertaining or painful. When you believe yourself to be somebody in the story, you experience a sense of contraction, worry, and concern. However, the equilibrium is effortless, and it is not possible for the spinning mind to come upon the peace of being which is unloved.

The reality is that you are not in time and space, and you know the freedom, love, beauty, and joy that comes with it. You don’t need to identify with a body or mind, and you can trust your insight that you are not in time and space. The nature of the body is what it is, and it shows like shimmers on the surface of a wavelet. The dance and movement are like shimmers on the surface of the moon’s rays, but they have nothing to do with your true nature. You can explore your fear of death by exploring the narrative of what will happen to you once you die. However, there is no personal self, and there is no need to defend or protect this illusion.



so welcome
welcome yourself

you are always
welcoming yourself as presence

each other as presence

presence welcoming itself

at the core of
all activity
is stillness

still aware presence

there is nothing
you need to do
and there is
no personal doer
doing anything

it is presence itself
which recognizes itself

the personal story is a script
being written
on the clouds
which continuously dissolve
which have no substance

your personal story
is an imaginary story

in a way
quite painful
in a way

you view your story
you view the sensation of hunger

you view
a beautiful rose


but as soon as
you believe yourself to be
somebody in the story

as soon as you believe
that there is a narrative
which refers to an actual personal self

you experience the sense of contraction
worry and concerned
and the mind spins
to return to equilibrium

but the equilibrium is effortless

it is not possible for this spinning mind
the scrambling mind
to come upon
the Peace of being

which is unmoved

It is by imagining yourself to be
an entity
some sort of personal reality

that you
imagine and experience yourself
as being in time

with a beginning
and the subsequent ending

it is a movement of thought
an impression
that comes in hand in hand
with the belief
that you are somebody

a son at daughter
a person

you hear these words
and sometimes
the thought appears oh I’ve heard that before

I already know that
what is it that knows that?

who exists somewhere

who is this someone
this holy one
that heard this before

the death of the body is what it is
like the
ripening of an orange on the orange tree
it is what it is

part of the tree
part of the Earth
part of the planets
part of the galaxies

which are all Concepts and words

because there is
no orange

and no tree
and no words
and no galaxies
outside of the conceptual realm
that defines them as such

not knowing

before the mind
before the script

I am

not the concept
not the words

but this
aware presence

such a Wonder
which we all
know firsthand
as our reality
in this Moment
and every moment

not something in time and space
but that within which
manifestation appears

that within which
time and space appear

our toys

within which
all appearances appear
does not appear

and yet
being, reality
is undeniable

what could deny being?

sometimes the thought may appear
what will happen to me once I die

do you die?

what is it to die

when the mind is
still and quiet

mean anything?

isn’t it
via the activity of thinking
that you find
such a thing as death

death of

death of something

I was

what is a thing
outside of the concepts
in the Stillness
and quietness of the mind

what is the

what is
this and not this

this and that
names and labels

the realm of mind
and variety

but this awareness
the reality which perceives right now
which is

is that
in the realm of thought
in the realm of mind

or does thought appear
within awareness
out of awareness

and when you go in the realm of mind
you can ask the question

does that which is unborn
ever die

and you can contemplate
what is it in my experience
in this moment
which is unborn

which cannot not be

thoughts appear and disappear

on the surface of the ocean

mental activity
neurons firing

various physiological activities
with the cosmos

none of which
has anything to do
with your true nature

the nature of the body is what it is
the nature of the butterfly
the nature of the wind
the sunshine

it is what it is

the dance
the movement
the flow

the light
on the surface
of the lake

shimmering the surface of the Moon

what does it have to do with you
this self-knowing
aware presence

so you
you can go to your fear of death

the narrative

the me narrative

what is going to happen to me

an assumed me

notice how precious
this me is

sometimes in a very subtle way
there I am me

whatever that me means

some sort of
comforting sense
in being a limited me

how odd that we find comfort
in being me, a limited personal
personal self

and how much we worry spin defend and protect
this illusion

somehow it loves that
feeling of being somebody

that’s what we do
we don’t need to
but that’s what we do

identify with the story of the
me narrative

we complain
and we love
our complaining

as we complain about
our complaining
we maintain an interest in complaining


sometimes we are proud
in this falsehood

the false pride
because it pertains to an illusion

you can
trust your Insight
that you are
not in time and space

you are the freedom love and beauty
and the joy

that which is neither born
nor dies

you don’t need to identify
in any way

not with a body mind
we don’t need to.

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