The importance of Viveka

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Magdi Badawy, 04-30-2023

Welcome everyone

notice your experience
and allow it to be just as it is

meaning you
as presence

you don’t need to pursue
any experience in this moment

so you invite yourself to
doing nothing
simply being

no need to fix anything
no need to alter your experience
or attempt to alter your experience

which is not possible
because everything which appears to you
disappears instantaneously

it is known,
meaning it is perceived
but it is not retained

because from the perspective of freedom,
from the perspective of consciousness
from the perspective of reality
there is no grasping

nothing lacking
because there is nothing separate

in fact
everything appears to you as a flow
out of yourself and to yourself,
you are the perceiver
as well as the conceiver

there is no limit to creativity,
no limit to creation

there is no limit to reality
the reality of consciousness

this borderless creative awareness
simultaneously creates and perceives

without being moved by its creation
without being altered

You don’t need to seek any experience

in this moment of being
there is no past or future

Presence is not a moment between
the past and the future

that which has a beginning
and an ending is an appearance

within this transparent awareness
which has no beginning no ending

Forms and shapes appear to you
with specific shapes and forms
specific details and colors, sounds

everything that appears to you
has distinct characteristics
which the mind can label and recognize

but you, this
aware presence

has no particular shape
or form of color

that which is real
neither appears nor disappears

in the Hindu tradition,
we speak of discrimination

warning against mistaking
that which appears
to be real
and mistaking the reality which perceives
and which is not perceived
to be a concept,
to be not real
to be less real

it’s okay to be enamored with the world,
to play in the garden
while knowing that the reality of the world
is not in the world.

The reality of that which is perceived,
is not in that which is perceived

knowing that the reality
of that which is perceived
is not perceived.

It is consciousness
not perceivable to the senses

which we commonly refer to as I

I is not a male or female form
but I is this transparent, invisible
to the senses, aware presence

not to attribute a separate reality
to forms

not to attribute a separate reality
to thoughts memories

not to attribute a separate reality
to what we refer to as feelings

and above all
to notice
to notice how we define I,
the Self

as a form,
as a mortal form

as a person,
as a body mind

to attribute
the reality of consciousness
to a body-mind form

which is the original identification,
the core identification

it is available to us
to discern, to perceive, to understand

that identifying I,
which is the reality
which perceives right now

in any form, in any manner, is a falsehood
I think the Christians scriptures
speak about Falling out of Grace

identifying yourself in any form
is a falling out of grace

What goes hand in hand,
in the Hindu scriptures
with Viveka
is the concept of dispassion,
Vairagya – how it is be referred to

to be in the world
with a certain degree of dispassion

just as a Sadhana,
as an expedient mean

in order not to fall in the trap
of being mesmerized by forms
to enjoy the world
with a certain degree of dispassion

It’s just a practice
it’s just a tool
a crutch of sort

in particular to be dispassionate
towards our own thoughts and feelings,
feelings about each other and about ourselves
not to give power to forms

thoughts are a form, a subtle form
like any other form

to be malleable
to be playful,
with your thoughts and your opinions

to be light

whenever you give reality
to the body mind
at the expense of consciousness
you will experience a sense of limitation,
worry and concern and fears

take a look at that
see if it applies

we are surrounded with beauty.

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