Awakening and who gets awakened?

Magdi Badawy, 04-23-2023

Welcome everybody
lovely to be with you all

it’s so so lovely to
recognize our self as
as one

to meet without being somebody

without referring to the past
without any judgment

meeting freshly
as this simple presence
this simple being awareness

so in
in such meeting
there are no
there is no separation

there is love

one could say
God’s love shining

so for now
let us welcome
ourself and welcome each other
and welcome our experience
without knowing

who is innocence


we allow our experience to be
just as it is
without trying to direct
our experience towards any goal

let the mind be as it is

there is no yesterday and no tomorrow

the actuality in fact

this moment has its own sufficiency
its own completeness

and there is no one standing apart

isness is what it is
you are this isness this beingness
and not a Limited object

not what you imagine yourself to be

feelings, sensations
appear to you

like hearing these words appear to you
like the breath

this gentle movement of the body
appears to you

you are this
borderless aware space

dancing within itself
as a heartbeat
as the hearing

like water takes on the form of wavelets
or bubbles

that which you perceive
is your very self in motion

the waves are water in motion

it is the movement of water which we call waves

it is
consciousness awareness
your very self
which is manifesting
as manifestation

from itself to itself

whatever you imagine
is your creation
and your perception – simultaneously

you create and you perceive
out of your infinite freedom
and your infinite creative potential

there is no entity
no personal self
nobody who awakens
or does not awaken

when clouds appear
veiling the infinite sky

and the gusts of wind appears
and dispels the clouds

the Wide Open Sky is revealed to have always been there
clouds veiling it ot not

you are the wide open sky

and the veil,
the clouds
in this metaphor
is the belief
that you are something else
the belief that you are
a person
a limited entity

somebody with a history
a past and a future

you overlook
that you are not defined
by that which appears to you

you are not defined
by thoughts
world events
events in the body

you are not defined by that
which appears and disappears

awakening is the simple understanding
that you are
invisible borderless

all sorts of forms may appear to you
world circumstances may appear
they appear to you
out of your very creation
they do not appear to you out of a
separate reality

you are the creator of the entire show
and the perceiver of the entire show

and you’ve designed it
so that certain body minds
respond in certain ways
to situations
you’ve designed the entire play

you designed the intelligence within the body to respond

you designed the world
it’s galaxies and skies and

gravitational fields
is designed thought


we were designed

and the path
from ignorance
beyond ignorance
out of ignorance

you are the designer
and the player

the choreographer
and the performer

there is no reality outside of being changeless
this changeless consciousness
the formless non-phenomenal reality
that right now perceives and hears and is

being who you are
you have always known that you are

you play the game of not knowing
you play the game of being somebody

which is a game of limitation
and worry and concern

but life is a playground
out of your creation

a playground for your enjoyment
and not for your misery

you are here and you understand these words somehow
because you have the understanding
because the understanding is yours

you already know that which you are looking for
you will not be satisfied with anything else

whenever you are not knowing
you are that which you are.

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