Effortless awareness, the path to happiness

Magdi Badawy, 04-13-2023

So to start with you can just simply sit comfortably
you don’t need to close your eyes but you could
either close your eyes
or turn your gaze inward
and welcome your experience just as it is

and relax into presence
whichever way that appears to you

there’s no prescribed way you need to be
nothing that you need to do
nothing that you need to figure out
accomplish your resolve
simply for the duration of this meeting
as best you can
do nothing

notice whatever appears to you
sensations within your body
thoughts appearing

allow them to be just as they are
without any effort
we don’t need to correct your experience
or improve your experience
or adjust your experience
you can just let it be
as it is

you are this effortless aware presence
thoughts appear to you
the sound of these words
appears to you

your gentle movement of the breath
appears to you

there is no personal doer
and thank goodness for that

everything that is unfolding
is unfolding out of the universal doing

like the weather

like the sunshine

like the heartbeat

it is all unfolding effortlessly

a universal manifestation
creation creativity

and we are not apart from that
we are this creativity
this creation

and we are the awareness
that knows that it perceives
I know I perceive

in this awareness it knows that it is
I know I am
it’s inherent to our reality

that we are aware
and that we are

we all share that
we all know that
I am
I am aware

it’s effortless
it’s peaceful
it’s free


not complicated

the complication arises
when we imagine ourselves
to be somebody

when we identify ourselves as a person
as somebody existing in time and space

that somebody will have to become
better at this or that

somebody that needs some safeguard
argue their position

that is how the mind becomes complicated

incumber them
thoughts wrapped up in the past

defining ourselves
via thought via feeling

whichever way we define ourselves
we are superimposing upon
this open effortless presence
we are superimposing a straight jacket

how we were
and how we are
and how we will be
how we should be
how we should not be

images on the screen

and all along
and in this very moment
you are this effortless awareness

the words don’t matter
your reality is transparent
effortless being

that is not in time
in this moment is not in time
presence beingness is not in time

you imagine yourself in time
but time is an appearance
that appears to you

appears to you as thoughts
appears to you as sensation

you imagine yourself to appear inside
time in some time

but in this moment
all you can be certain of is
I am and I am aware

I am aware that I am aware
and that I’m aware
that I am that you can be certain

this amness
this beingness
this awareness
this presence
does not come and go

thoughts appear and disappear
sensations appear and disappear

the sun rises and the sun sets
but awareness
does not appear or disappear

we need to be clear about that
check it out
to be certain
these words refer to your understanding
to your experience

and not some words you are hearing
but do not relate to your experience

your experience is not in time
you do not experience the past
nor do you experience the future

you cannot experience an hour ago
nor can you experience an hour from now

your experience is always this eternal
meaning not in time
aware presence

you are not a woman or a man
you’re not a person
your body may be male female body

tall body
short body whatever
like your car could be
a ford, a honda or a toyota whatever

your house could be one bedroom
three bedroom house whatever

but you are not the car
you’re not the body
you’re not the house
you are the knowingness
the awareness
the beingness

that which is cannot not be
take a look and be clear about
what you’re hearing
it actually is your experience
that you are this transparent awareness
this presence

this awareness is the reality which right now perceives
hears these words
it is not a female or male awareness

awareness is not inside a room or outside the room
it’s not in the kitchen
or in the living room
or in the garden

has no location
and it’s your very reality
your true nature
is that
you are that

so if you can be
not knowing what you are
it’s simply allowing being to be

that is sufficient
allow being to be

without trying to
mold or strain being

the peace that you seek
is your very being.

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