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The illusion of separation appears within awareness

Magdi Badawy, 03-05-2023

welcome everyone lovely to see you to be with you

so just to remind you

we will be starting with a guided meditation
and then we can engage in conversation
questions whatever.

so if you can turn your attention inward

sit comfortably

there’s nothing in particular that you need to do

you don’t need the past
you don’t need to remember anything
try to figure anything out

because you already are

as presence

which is your effortless natural

everything that appears to you appears
within this effortless presence


it’s simple

sensations in your body
appear within this effortless awareness
which you are
that which you are

and everything that appears to you is
like a breeze
sort of weather

in movement
a flow

you don’t need to retain anything
whatever is necessary is available

there is no one that you need to cater to

you are this Invisible Presence
right now
this reality
the reality being evident

awareness is evident to itself

it’s so freeing
and in a way so simple
not to define yourself in any way
not to be defined in any way

no need for any limitations

to be
not knowing
is what being is

being is effortlessly not knowing

without any separation

we make
differences between this and that

but there are no possible differences in
self and being
I which is this formless awareness

cannot be defined as a male or female

nothing that you need to do

because there is no separate doer anyway

the body may have a name
but you don’t have a name

you are not separate from the sound
of the barking dog in the distance

because there is no distance

everything is a reverberation of your very self

a reverberation of being

there is no happiness tomorrow
because there is no tomorrow

you don’t need to seek anything because
nothing is a part
from your true self

you don’t need to identify with the body

we don’t need to identify in any way

what for
for what benefits
would you choose to identify with a mortal form

it’s not necessary

in the scriptures there is the saying
tat tvam asi
thou art that

I and that are not two
I and this are not two
this and that are not two

if you look directly at your experience in this moment
you will find that experientially
there is nothing apart from you

the oak tree is apart from you but experientially
the oak tree is not apart from you

conceptually you may distinguish yourself from
a thought that is appearing to you
but experientially there is no separation
between you and the thought that you perceive

why not rely on your experience
investigate explore your experience
rather than
what concepts refer to

experientially tat tvam asi – thou are that
conceptually this is not that
and that is not this

but what is your experience

take a look

the thought that you are a person
that you are a body mind
that you are a separate entity

appears within awareness
like raindrops appear to you

like hunger appears to you
like a memory appears to you

what appears to you
doesn’t define you
it’s already the past

but in presence
in this moment
it’s only awareness

one could say it takes on the form of this conversation right now
but the conversation is already in the past

what is it that is not in the past
that is not in time

it is that in which time appears

you are that in which time appears
and not something which appears in time
or space

you don’t need to worry so much about the impression of separation
you can simply understand that it is the game of Shiva

it is an aspect of manifestation

the play of ignorance
the play of self forgetfulness
it is just the play of Shiva

nothing is happening to you
because you are that to which
nothing happens that
that which is non-phenomenal
the reality of all happenings

so whenever you notice
that you are defining yourself as somebody
notice that this self-definition
is simply an internal weather
an appearance within yourself
which is undefined

it is always available to you
as your very self
as your very being.

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