What is the path when we are not-knowing?

Magdi Badawy, 02-23-2023

so you are welcome either close your eyes
or turn your gaze inward

allow your experience to be
whichever way it is

you do not exist in time

whatever appears to you
like the weather
is the external weather


then there is the internal weather
you are nobody
you’re not somebody
and at the same time
you are everybody

you are not something
and yet nothing exists without you

the mind – meaning thoughts – appear to you
various body-minds appear to you

none of which define you
like the many colors of a rainbow
do not define the white light



it does not matter much what
thoughts or Sensations appear to you

as long as you do not refer to yourself
in any limited way

whenever you’re trying to improve yourself
you’re just trying to improve

something which you imagine yourself to be

you can improve the health of the body
we can improve your knowledge about
music or about how things function
in the world

but improving yourself
requires the assumption
that you are something or someone
that can be improved

and you’re not that

when you know yourself to be somebody
you have limited yourself
because your true nature is not in time
not known by the mind

the mind is just a movement within you
which is your movement like the
movement of water as waves
your thoughts your Sensations and your perceptions
are like the movement of water
with your movement as mind
but you are not limited by
the movements
we are not limited in any way

it is only the belief that you know what you are
that you are a man a woman
that you’re a person that you’re somebody
it is this false knowingness
which binds you
and gives you the impression
that you need to improve yourself that you need to become a better

none of which is true

your reality is not knowing

being not knowing

I know I am

but I don’t know what I am
nor do I need to know what I am

because what I am is just a movement
within the mind
the good the bad
they are just movements of the Mind
you’re neither good nor bad
none of this applies to you

so your path to not knowing
is to disrobe yourself
from knowing what you are

to simply be

not relying on
the previous thought and
the second thought to define you
to simply be not in time
not defining yourself
as a continuum in time
because there is no continuity in time
to consciousness

eternity and not a continuity
the continuity is in the realm
of thoughts and perceptions
but not in the realm of being

being is not continuous
it is eternal
not in time

you can comprehend that
because you are not in time

the truth resonates to itself
it recognizes itself and knows itself
irrespective of the mind arguing

and wanting proof

being is its own proof
the formless reality which is
and which perceives right
now is its own proof

its own validation
it does not require
a validation via memory
or via thought or via recollection
of some experience

if you can come to pure presence right now

meaning to simply being
doing nothing

allow yourself to sink into being

which is being sinking into itself

it’s nothing that somebody
as a personal doer
does anything

you are already that which I am

you’re already the I am the amness the beingness

you don’t need to be loved
because you are love itself

we don’t need to be made whole
because you are wholeness itself

we don’t need to project yourself
as an image
as somebody

you don’t need to project others
as somebody

because what you are is not an image

not some sort of projection
nor is anybody else

whenever you project yourself
you are limiting yourself

no matter how great that projection is
it’s still finite

when you return to not knowing
you are returning to truth

because there is no way to define truth

truth knows itself
like you know yourself

you know yourself
as being
as presence
as reality

not as a man or a woman
somebody who is trying to get somewhere
if you try to get somewhere you need to ask yourself
what is this I that is trying to get somewhere

we will find a mental projection
we will find memories and stories
we will find the past and the future
but you will not find the Peace of being
you will not find presence
you will not find Freedom
we will not find love or joy

when you’re trying to improve yourself
we are in the judgment business
you are not in the understanding business
not in the love business
you are in the improvement business

judging others
and judging yourself

it is just an in inner weather
a habitual pattern

once you see it
it loses its power

and there may be habits of the mind and habits of the body
but there are no habits to yourself

there are no habits to awareness.

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