The effortless state, beyond identity

Magdi Badawy, 02-12-2023


so for some of you who are new
who may be new

there will be a guided meditation
which would be followed by questions and answers

so for the meditation you’re all muted
you’re welcome to unmute yourself after
the first part of this meeting

so to start with just sit comfortably
the welcome your experience
just as it appears to you
without any need to do any effort

whatever sensations arise to you
don’t interfere
just allow things to be as they are
there is no effort required to simply be

there are no problems
that you need to resolve for now

nothing that we’re trying to achieve

no state that we’re trying to attain

in the absence of any judgment
in the absence of any resistance
everything is fine as it is

in the absence of any identification
wide open space is unobstructed

there is nothing that you need to protect

everything that appears to you is transitory
is of no real consequence

but you this aware presence
you do not appear nor do you disappear

like clouds which appear in the wide open sky
the wide open sky is unaffected undisturbed

the wide open sky has no identity
no borders
no personal definition

you as consciousness

you are like this wide open sky

bodily Sensations appear to you

perceptions and thoughts of various forms
and various content appear to you

they are like the wide open sky

they’re like clouds
appearing in the Wide Open Sky
of different shapes in different forms

effortlessness is your true nature

which is in this formless reality which perceives right
now this perception

the non-phenomenal reality
which is the reality of consciousness

notice that in your experience there is
that which is perceived
but also there is awareness
the reality which perceives

you know awareness as I
as reality

whenever you refer to yourself
it is Consciousness
referring to itself

you do not refer to yourself as an object
when you say I
you’re referring in fact
to the invisible reality

which is not divided in
bits and pieces

It Is by mistaking yourself
to be a set of Sensations
and a set of thoughts and perceptions
that you mistakenly experience yourself as a mortal entity

there is nothing mortal about yourself

there’s nothing mortal about reality about consciousness

everything that appears to you disappears
but you don’t

the only seeking
is done by the imaginary you

imagine yourself
to be lacking
to be limited

you imagine yourself
to exist in time and space

you overlook that time and space appear
to you
they appear to you
as thoughts
and perceptions

thoughts of yesterday
and thought of tomorrow
appear to you

you do not appear within a thought
you do not exist within a thought
or with any feeling

your feeling appears to you
like the weather appears to you

and perceptions
appear to you
perspective of distance

it’s a mind construction which appears to you
nothing within the realm of that
which appears to you
is telling you to identify yourself
with an appearance

you don’t need to identify yourself
with a storyline or even memories and
thoughts and sensations and feelings
there is no need for you to do that
it is unnecessary
and useless

rather than knowing yourself to be
somebody with a story and a history
you’re better off to remain not knowing

to remain
this reality which knows itself
to be
but does not know itself as something

which is sufficient for you
to rest as being
without knowing
what this is

it is sufficient to be
because being is universal
has no boundaries
and is sufficient until itself

like or maybe they said being is
non-being is not and has never been

that which is cannot not be
and that which is not has never been

rest as being without knowing
allow yourself to be this not knowingness

you don’t need to write any script
about yourself
because you already are
the reality of being
the only reality that is

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