The complexity of relationship

Magdi Badawy, 01-29-2023

okay welcome everyone
lovely to see you

so if we can
just rest

as presence

to be
not knowing

notice the breath

invite the mind to rest
by simply allowing your experience
to be whatever
it is

giving it any direction

presence is effortless

and it doesn’t matter
what appears to you

because whatever appears to you
doesn’t affect you in any way
except if you choose for it
to affect you

because you are the totality

you are not a particular

except if you choose yourself to be
a particular entity

because your reality is
the infinite Invisible Presence

your freedom of being


you are not a body mind
you’re not a male or a female form

you are this effortless aware presence

which is your reality
and whenever you leave it
to become somebody that exists in time and space
it is out of fear Freedom that you are doing so

because you are not a victim of the universe

you are the universe itself

you are the Consciousness
the reality

of whatever appears to you

irrespective of
whether anything appears to you or not
that does not matter

is an expression of love

it is not a place

where you

maneuver your way
to get somewhere
or to get something

like the sunshine
shines unto
the universe
without any personal intention
it is simply the nature of the sun
to shine

like it is
the nature of
the surface of the pond to reflect the sunshine
or the moon the moonlight

similarly in this
dream of
wakefulness and

what we call life

relationship is a place where we
manifest and express the love

and it’s a place of opportunity
where we can learn
about ourselves

about how we sometimes resist

sometimes we argue

on behalf of whom

we argue on behalf of the imaginary me

which has no reality
outside of your belief in it

but of what good is your belief
in this imaginary me

which leads you to argumentation

worry and concern

is it possible to live in a relationship
without a personal agenda

without defending our point of view

which traps us and limits us

is it possible to listen

listen without

without defending ourselves
without attacking

because the other is your very self

there is no other
outside of the intimacy of relationship

and in the intimacy of relationship
the other is your very self

sometimes in the relationship we use the other as
a punching bag

dumb power

or to the other
which comes
right back
unto us

while it is available to us to
be open

to understand something about
ourselves about truth

in relationship
to understand something about love
about freedom

about pain
about sorrow
about hurt

the sense of loss

oftentimes we use the other in relationship

we use them
to make us happy
we expect them
to behave in certain ways

we place conditions

we’re unaware how painful it is
for both

for everyone involved

and yet we are
so happy
when there is an expression of love
and kindness towards us

we love that
touches our heart

can we also do the same
can we also
be a conduit

express the love
that we love to receive
to express it

to relax our conditions
relax our expectations

trust the love
the expression of love and kindness
in this moment

not to be so preoccupied with our agendas
not to be so judgmental

because we don’t know
what the other one is
what they’re perceiving
what they’re sensing
we don’t know

there is vulnerability in love

it’s available to
experience whatever
the universe is presenting

you know the entire non-dual teaching can be
summed up
in the word love

because love is truth
and truth is beauty

there is freedom
all the Divine principles
are present in love

love is not personal
it’s Universal

when we are that Universal love

when you assume yourself
to be a separate person
a limited personal self
your mind is deeply confused

we are not going anywhere
as body minds

it’s not about the future

but about living each moment
this moment and every moment
out of loving kindness
and intelligence and wisdom

whichever way we can

but to be interested

in the
expression of kindness and love


to explore
that direction

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