The unshakeable peace of being

Magdi Badawy, 09-08-2022

so welcome everybody lovely
lovely to see you all


everything that appears to you

is an appearance

whatever thought
appears to you
and whatever
it refers to
is an appearance

like the sound of traffic

like the warmth
the sensation of
warmth of the body

there is no

in the entire cosmos

the thought that refers to a separate me
is just an appearance
like the
the heartbeat

like the sensation of your feet on the ground

an image
appears to you

this image may
may say
may be interpreted as
i am somebody

what is it that is
interpreting this image
or this sensation as
it is me
what is it that
says yes
i am this
i am that

is it not you
who says
yes i am this or
i am that

it is
it is you
who says i am
a man
a woman
a person

you as awareness

you as the the only you
that there is
the reality
that perceives right now

it is that very reality that you are
the only reality that is
that says
i am a separate limited person and
i am a body
i am born

while it knows all along
that that’s not true
because you are not born

you’re never born
because there is no beginning
or ending
to consciousness

it is out of your very freedom
as consciousness
which is the only freedom there is
that you choose to
enter into the cocoon
into the cave

the cocoon of personhood

just out of
your absolute freedom
that you
you being this
borderless reality
this aware presence
it is out of your freedom
that you refer to yourself
as somebody
who is existing in
time and space

so it is out of
your freedom
that you identify yourself
with the body
to identify yourself
yourself meaning
the only self there is
which is

you refer to yourself
as a mother
as a father

and you play the game of
imagining and believing
that there is no other way
but to be identified

to be identified as

there is no one
who is convincing you of that
it is
your own freedom

sometimes you refer to yourself
as a good person
nice person
and another day
maybe not so
not so nice

but it’s all a falsehood
because you
you are not the person
that you imagine
and that you feel
yourself to be

any identification
is a form of limitation

particularly when you

believing you
are believing

the identity that you are choosing

it makes perfect sense for
the body to be a father or a mother
when there are children to be cared for

but this does not mean
that you are
a mother or a father

when the body
is a male or a female body
consciousness does not become
male or female with the body

so there is an understanding
about yourself
an understanding
about consciousness

and it is this understanding that
liberates you

from the bondage of identification

the activities of the body
the activities of the mind


they do not disturb consciousness

like images on the screen
or ripples on the surface of the pond
they do not disturb the screen
and the ripples do not disturb the pond

rather than
looking for yourself downstream
look upstream

your true self
your true nature
is this
in the peace of being.

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