We perceive the world at our human scale

Magdi Badawy, 08-28-2022

welcome everyone
lovely to see you
and to meet you

richard holly hello sarah
holger and john

just a couple of words
because of newcomers
the first part of this meeting
will be a guided meditation and
then you’re welcome to post
whatever questions you have
anything that you’d like to discuss

and also the meeting is recorded and holger
will be posting it on youtube following a day or so

so just sit comfortably and
just for this meeting
you can let everything be as it is
no need
to solve any problems
that you may need to solve
you can solve them later on
deal with issues
but for now
welcome yourself
welcome your experience


whatever thoughts may appear

bodily sensations

to simply remain as you are
as presence

trying to improve
or change
your experience

so it’s a sort of relaxation

is sinking
sinking into into being

no effort is
required or needed to
simply be

awareness is


there is a peace and equanimity

as awareness

there is a freshness
an immediacy
to this experience

it’s not a story that’s unfolding in time

it is pure presence

and you are this presence

an image may appear
a thought
a sensation may appear
a bodily sensation

you are the aware presence which perceives

the thought that you perceive
or the sensation that you perceive may
have a certain quality
a certain duration

a certain coloring

but the awareness
the reality which perceives

has no shape no size
and no coloring

which we refer to as i

that which is perceived
via the instrument of the body mind
is limited
defined by the
qualities of the body-mind

but that which you are
that which is
that which perceives

is beyond the body-mind instrument

which i refer to as consciousness awareness

like the wide open sky

the wide open sky
may appear blue
from the perspective of the
human visual cortex
but in fact the infinite sky has no color

from a different instrument
like a
gamma ray instrument or x-ray instrument
perception of the wide open sky
is not blue it’s a bunch of x-rays
and gamma rays
but the wide open sky is not made out of
gamma rays or x-rays

similarly we perceive the world
the body and the mind
via the world body mind instrument
via the body-mind instrument

which defines
that which is perceived

we perceive colors
but the color blind visual cortex
does not perceive color
or perceives colors differently

we perceive thoughts which are firing of neurons
within the brain
interacting with a nervous system
that’s flowing through the body
and interacting with the world

temperatures surrounding the body
the events surrounding the body

and very specific perceptions
that are specific to this particular moment

a thought that arises in this moment
is a the dance of the current
the current dance
of the world and the body and the mind
in this moment

which is constantly changing

but that which does not change
in your experiences

whichever thought you’re perceiving
irrespective of the thought
that is perceived

remains transparent

that which does not change in our experience
is awareness i awareness

which we refer to as reality

that which perceives

this reality is not female or male

is not a woman a man a son a daughter

that which is perceived may be male female
tall short green yellow red

but that which perceives is neither blue nor red
neither tall nor short
neither male nor female

it’s a important understanding
about yourself your true self

but when you believe yourself to be
a woman a man a person
you have identified yourself
with a machine with a mechanism
with an instrument
you’ve identified yourself
with a body-mind instrument

and this identification limits your horizon

and effects your sense of freedom
love and beauty
confines you to the impression of mortality

you’re no longer
in this borderless awareness
rather you have somehow adopted the belief
that you’re born and you’re bound to die
via your identification with the body

none of which is true

although the body is mortal you are not.

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