Freedom from resistance and seeking

Magdi Badawy, 08-09-2022


okay fernando i will

allow your experience to be what it is

allow the universe to be what it is

whichever way it appears to you

do nothing
simply be

align yourself with the universe
with the

with the vastness

because you and the universe are not


you belong to the same reality

there is no separate you which stands apart
from the universe
from the totality

there is a natural harmony

in the universe
the flow

you do not stand apart
from this harmony

there is nothing which is lost or gained
in the totality in the wholeness

there’s no loss or gain

so there is nothing
that you need to protect

nothing that you need to
improve or hold on to
or safeguard

that which is cannot not be

that which is not has never been

you have to allow

for the complete

not to stand in the way
of the complete annihilation

because reality


images on the screen
appear and disappear

the screen remains

no need to hold on to any image
to allow for its complete annihilation

the me
my person
the feelings that i identify with or that i hold on to
or that
i rely upon to define me

those feelings

you have to allow for their complete annihilation

effortlessly they do annihilate
they do disappear

you don’t need to improve or try to improve the images on the screen

when you move towards the screen to
improve the image
you only touch the screen
you don’t …
there is no image
the screen

an image appears and disappears and

and you keep thinking oh
it should have been otherwise

why didn’t this image stay longer
why did this image appear this way
or that way
but it’s a hundred percent gone

although it is a hundred percent gone

sometimes we are obsessed with obsessing about the image

about the state about the experience about the feeling but the emotion

when we overlook being

the absolute certainty of being

which is the peace

because being is not personal it’s not being somebody
or being anything special

you imagine yourself to be

somebody good somebody bad
good today bad yesterday
images and stories and nothing to do with the universe
nothing to do with reality

we do that because we enjoy doing that

even feeling bad
it’s something rather than nothing
something that we play with
something that we can bite our teeth into

i’m a good person
i’m a bad person

one day good person
next day another bad person
then good again and bad again

well there is no person
again we like to play

being is not a person

is what we all are

the essence of existence
this consciousness


what appears does not refer to itself
refers to its essence

the tree does not refer to itself
it refers to its essence

which is isness

the thingness of all things
is not a thing

the isness of all things
is not a thing

being is not a person
it’s the essence

it is the reality

of i

unhappiness is this imaginary separation

believing yourself to be

a man a woman a person

giving power to the feeling feeling that i am this or i am that

overlooking the reality of consciousness
the reality of that
which perceives
the reality of that which is

the feelings of guilt are simply about a me
a bad me
a better me

i was a bad me
i should have been better me

it creates an imaginary personal power
an imaginary personal


and then the emotions

and we try to fix the emotions

via therapy via various medicines

various means

but the source

of these negative emotions is this belief

that i exist as
personal self

a good self a bad self
pretty self

that belief in the feeling that i
am somebody is
living in time and space


get somewhere
change something

while it is possible for us to
harmonize ourselves
with the natural state
the effortless

the totality

is to be the flow


to let the bygones be bygones

to be freshly this moment
not knowing

life is always movement

that’s what life is movement
in the essence of life is peace and stillness


the movement
in the movement it’s a flow

a field of
attractions and repulsions
sound waves

electromagnetic fields

appearing as wind and as thoughts
as sensation of
the sunshine on your skin

the perception of a creative thought
the remembrance of a dear one

the feeling of hunger

desire to
to travel
to meet friends for dinner

being in the company of friends

who share moments of laughter and some
sometimes some things that may appear
stupid to us

images on the screen

at the screen is the love
the screen itself

is the aliveness of love

the creative field of
freedom beauty

we are not separate from any of it

there is no personal will

trouble yourself
with personal will
or blaming yourself

what personal will are you talking about
are we talking about
it’s universal wind

bodies born and bodies dying
seeds falling on the ground
being carried by the wind
some seeds being carried on onto rocky terrain
and they dry out
other get carried upon a fertile land
and they grow to be whatever they grow to be

there is no personal doer

the doer is god’s will god’s doing

the universal doer

i am this aware presence

god’s awareness
via particular
body mind

awareness is not different across different body minds
it’s the same
god’s awareness
whether it’s looking through
one window or or another window
it’s the same perceiver
the same reality

creating all perceptions
all windows

every moment every instant
like this instant right now

that which you perceive
this image that you perceive

all images zillions and zillions of images
appearing out of the one source
and being perceived by the same i
the same awareness

do not mistake yourself to be
a particular character
a particular object
a particular form

remain not knowing


the universe of beingness

being not knowing

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