Does Awareness Imply Duality?

Magdi Badawy, 08-04-2022

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so notice that
you are aware

and that awareness is not something that you are doing

but as awareness there is no
no person
who is engaging into any particular activity
in order to be aware

you don’t need to be someone
in order to be aware

awareness is effortless

and effortlessly awareness is aware that it is aware

so in this moment you may perceive a
sensation you’re hearing this voice
maybe the singing of the birds
in the background

and one could say that
awareness is aware
of hearing these words


one could also say that awareness is
aware that that it is

the singing of the birds
and without hearing these words

because awareness is not like a
a picture that you need to fill with
water or with milk

it has no shape no form
no phenomenal or objective qualities
yet it’s undeniable

there isn’t a separate reality that
is hearing these words

these words
this hearing arises spontaneously
as awareness takes on the form of hearing in this moment

it takes on the form of breathing

takes on the form of a thought
a memory

it is via
awareness that there is such a thing as a hearing

awareness taken on the form of hearing

it is not the other way around
it is not sound or hearing which
gives rise or creates awareness

this is why we say awareness is complete freedom
and complete creativity

it is not subject
to what appears
within it

it is not subject to that which it perceives

although there is no separate

person who
is actively being busy
getting busy being aware

it is undeniable that it is i which is aware

but this i is not an activity

it is not a process

i am aware means
that i am

that i am
meaning aware
that awareness is

and aware that
i am aware

meaning aware that
awareness is aware

in ignorance meaning in unhappiness

we believe that i refers to
a limited consciousness a personal body mind

in ignorance we believe that i is
somebody who exists in time and space
for the past and the future

in ignorance there is
a physical reality

the true reality
the one reality
the reality of awareness of consciousness

so in awareness
the fact of being aware
there is no duality
because there is no separate entity
that is performing any activity

the creativity is the creativity of consciousness of awareness
which loves to create

but creation does not mean that there is a separate reality that is being created
your thoughts are not separate from awareness

the world you perceive
meaning your perception
is not separate from awareness

although you may imagine that the world is outside of awareness outside of yourself

it is not because your imagination is intimately one with awareness

it is consciousness which

to believe itself to be a woman
or a man a person

it is i consciousness
which decides to define myself

as a son
as a daughter

as a good person
as a bad person

it is i consciousness who
decides to play the game
that it’s impossible to be
without being a person

not in order to be
i need to become a person
that exists in time and space

and it is i consciousness who decides
to realize in this moment that there is only one reality
which is i consciousness
not a male or female form
but the formless invisible reality of being

you can never experience anything
outside of awareness
in fact it is awareness itself

which is taken on the form of a perception sensation a thought

there isn’t a separate thinker
or a personal creator

this this belief in this feeling of being a person is
an appearance that appears to you
but it is not that which you are

that which you are you cannot know via your mind
via your thinking and your feeling
that which you are you know it intuitively
via the understanding
the understanding that i
does not refer to refer to a male body
or a female body
there are no problems with bodies of female male bodies
but the world the body and the mind there’s
no problem but you don’t need to define yourself
meaning defining you don’t need to define awareness or consciousness
as a perception or a sensation or

because in any way you define yourself
your true self your only self
is a reduction is a some form of illusory

the veil of ignorance is simply
this belief and feeling that
i am a person i’m a man a woman a son and a daughter
existing in time and space

it’s a download that somehow
we bought into it then we maintain it
believing that it is essential

and so we are worried and concerned
about this me
this illusory structure
illusory entity

the pro preoccupying
we become

concerned sometimes worried
and sometimes afraid
as a separate entity

we feel there is
something really important at stake
for for for this me
and so we
we do our best to to protect this
this me
we were wired to do that
to protect you know the body is wired
to protect itself from danger
but here we
we wire ourselves to
to protect this illusory me
the story
the story of me
the feelings about me
my past my memories
we feel it’s really important
and sometimes we realize

no no no we can let it go we can relax
we can simply be enjoy enjoying the company of a friend
without wanting anything without
defending anything

that we can be exposed
naked in our being open
we can
we can be with a friend and
and be in a listening space
in a sharing space and a sort of a
fresh discovery by moment of the friendship
of the love of the
of the sameness of the sameness because

that’s what we truly love is
is this recognition of of myself
as yourself you know the one one
the one one being one one
is the one self the

like drops of water
like two drops of water in the ocean

our essence is this this sameness this borderless
impersonal consciousness
awareness brahman
whatever words you want to use
you see that’s really what we love

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