Disappointment and the peace of being

Magdi Badawy, 06-14-2022

hello everyone
lovely to see you

hello prem
nathan holger
hello esther shai
hello patrick

so we’ll start this meeting with a brief guided meditation and then you’re
welcome to ask whatever questions you would like to ask

so just for now you can lower your gaze close your eyes or
just turn your gaze inward
and simply be as you are

whatever is appearing to you
whichever way the body is expressing itself

whatever thoughts images memories are appearing to you
simply remain as you are no need to do anything

whenever you are placing conditions
onto the world
onto others
you’re setting yourself up for disappointment

whatever conditions you place
onto others
onto the world
are false

they maintained a false sense of separation

the teaching is so simple
it’s an invitation to simply be

it is not an invitation for you to
dive into thinking and feeling
and comparing analyzing

it’s an invitation to be
to be not knowing
to be the openness

to be the causeless joy
the causeless freedom

when you don’t super impose the past
when you don’t superimpose your beliefs your stories

then you are fresh this moment
brand new
a brand new moment of being
of presence

not a continuation of
the old feelings and the old beliefs

not a continuation of the old wounds
and the old hurts

but a fresh open


where there is nothing at stake

nothing that you need to protect
to defend
to maintain

look at how the river flows

no resistance

and if you resist you are bound
to be hurt and to cause hurt

the peace that we seek
does not depend
on any conditions

it does not depend on
the health of your body
the wealth

does not depend on the world situation

you find peace

as pure being

not a feeling
not a sensation

but pure being

when being is transparent

it is not a bundle of thoughts
or a bundle of feelings

it’s open transparent like an open stage

which is consciousness


the reality that hears these words

but whenever you assume yourself to be a person
and you project another
you are in the sense of separation

it’s unhappy

we get hurt disappointed

we want the others to be
and to act differently

you want the world to
be different

because you’ve separated yourself
you have separated yourself from the totality

and so you believe your happiness depends on others and
on the world and on various situations

so you struggle in your mind

to find a way to find the peace
but you’re struggling in the wrong direction

you need to see that you’re assuming yourself
to be a person

to be a woman
to be a man
to be somebody

and with this assumption
you’ve created the falsehood
you’ve created the sense of separation
and the unhappiness

but you are not a body
you’re not a man
or a woman
you’re not a person

you are the reality of being
i am

this transparent aware presence

so you don’t need to maintain

your beliefs about yourself and about others

and about the world

with freedom from the past

in this moment of being of presence

it’s just love

oneness wholeness
it’s not

a me and you
a better me or a better you

it’s just love

so you let go of the false self
what remains is your true nature

let go of your story
your image
your personal narrative

the moment you see the personal narrative

you do not proceed any further
you stop

because a personal narrative
is based on the belief that you are
a separate person which is not true

… okay so if you have any questions anything that you’d like to explore

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