Feeling overcome by life…

Magdi Badawy, 05-31-2022

So we’re just gonna do a brief meditation
a guided meditation
and then you’re welcome to share whatever questions you may have

is the sound good
is it
okay thank you Holger

so if you can just sit comfortably and turn your attention inward

if you want close your eyes and come to close your eyes
or just simply rest as you as you are

and welcome
welcome the stillness
welcome presence

welcome the peace

which is always available to us

so that the mind
meaning thoughts and perceptions
can rest

you don’t need to fix anything
there’s no goal no objective
simply a fresh moment of presence

every moment every breath
is a brand new moment
a brand new breath
never experienced before

there is in fact no real before no real after

invite the peace to extend
throughout your entire experience

in presence
in being
there is no time

there are no problems no issues

everything is surrendered in presence
no need to hold on to anything

so that you are transparent

complete availability

to the universal expression

everything that appears to you is
an expression of universal consciousness
the cosmic reality

you are this transparent presence

being awareness is sufficient unto itself
it does not need to be limited by the mind
it is not possible for anything
any thought any experience
to limit consciousness
to limit your reality

it is of no use to
look in the limitation of the mind
for any information about yourself

consciousness is informed
by its very being
by its own fact
by its own reality

you can invite the mind to complete relaxation

then you are childlike


uncluttered by the belief that
you can be cluttered

to be not knowing
is this complete disposability
this complete availability
it is the peace

in life you will meet many
challenges to the me
as soon as you adopt
a persona

as soon as you identify
as a man
as a person
you will immediately experience the sense of separation
and the world will appeal to you as challenging


the mind becomes embroiled
in various strategies
to protect
to defend an imaginary you

but in this moment
the reality of i
whatever it is that hears these words
the reality of i is blatant

by this aware presence

not something or somebody

that pure amness

and life is this pure amness
in movement


so in meeting challenges in life

the key question is
what is it that is

i am assuming myself to be

what am i assuming myself to be

what am i assuming the other to be

or what is the other

what is the reality of the other

is there a separate other in fact

somebody to blame

somebody to project
our emotions

what is the evidence that separation is real

and to notice how
this resistance
this sense of separation
appears in the body

the body a wide open field of exploration

is it possible to be still

to notice
to observe in a
dispassionate way

not knowing

and no need to know

the depth of presence

the fullness
the abundance
of presence

a new life unfolds in this presence and
does not veil presence

so rather than being preoccupied
with the content of mind

rather than being preoccupied with the content of
emotions and events in the world

can we become familiar with
pure presence

not avoiding anything
but inviting the
recognition of presence awareness

recognizing itself

resting as this recognition

because the recognition of awareness is the recognition of freedom

the recognition of love
the recognition of beauty
the recognition of peace

as this recognition becomes our familiar home

we become less and less disturbed by the world
less and less disturbed by the mind

so that the world and the mind become
a sort of coloring
the coloring of presence
but not a veiling

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