Waking up from the illusion of separation

Welcome, everyone.
Lovely to be with you.

Just a reminder that this meeting,
we will start with a, brief guided meditation
and followed by questions.

So if you can sit comfortably
and you’re welcome to close your eyes
or turn your gaze inward.

And welcome
an open welcoming,
an effortless welcoming.

Welcoming whatever appears to you.
Without interfering.
Without trying to fix anything.

Simply allow yourself to be
and just sink into being,
sink into into presence,
sort of a deep resting,
a deep restfulness.

The breath becomes quieter, gentler.
The mind is slowly relaxing.
The body becoming more and more transparent.

Sort of like it’s dissolving in presence.

A presence without any borders.
Without a personal centre.

There is no goal we are trying to achieve.
Not trying to reach any state.
All states are temporary.

But presence,
this awareness is not in time.

So in this moment of presence,
there is no past,
no personal story,
nothing to achieve in the future.

It’s a celebration of being.
Being awareness is always present.
Aware of hearing these words effortlessly,
and aware that it is aware.
I am, and
I know that I am.

Somehow there is something unmovable,
unshakable about that.

This amness,
this beingness,
which you know you are,
is not a female or male.
Is not a son or a daughter.

It is this formless awareness,
which is often overlooked.
One could say that it often overlooks itself.

As, it is engaging in thoughts and activities.
It takes on the form of thoughts and activities.

And this formless awareness
is the reality which right now
effortlessly hears these words.

Effortlessly notices the gentle breath.
This soft movement of the body,
the heartbeat,
the warmth of the body,
the sunlight shining through.

You are this effortless awareness.
Takes on the form of breath,
a heartbeat,
takes on the form of a thought.

It’s on the form of a sensation,
like the sensation of your back
against the chair or the couch.

Seems that consciousness
likes to experience itself as
sensations, thoughts,
perceptions, memories.

It creates the human experience
to experience this conversation,
experience the body,
experience thoughts,
experience sounds.

But there is nothing at stake
when it comes to this invisible awareness,
which you are.

Nothing at stake
in this creation.

You take care of the body,
the health of the body,
the safety,
and the well-being of the body
as best you can.

You take care
of your family as best you can
of your friends,
of your tribe,
of the world around you.

It is part of the universal design.
In religious terms,
we would say it’s part of God’s creation,
God’s game, God’s will, God’s freedom.

But there is nothing at stake.
You take care of the body mind,
but you don’t need to identify yourself
with the body mind or
you don’t need to identify yourself
with a religion, a nation, a family, or a tribe.

Is that possible?
Can you take very good care of your car,
of your house without identifying yourself
with your car, with your belongings.
Can take care of your parents, your kids.
Love them. Take care of them the best you can.
But can you be free of identification?

Just taking care of what appears to you,
what presents itself to you the best you can.

Not from a place of grasping or defending,
not from a place of belonging to a certain tribe,
but from an open place of being, of not knowing.
It is openness. It is love.

There’s no judgment in openness,
in not knowing.
So we can make ourselves available to this,
divine love.
This understanding about our true nature
as this same aware presence,
and the same consciousness.

And allow this understanding
to permeate our mind and our body.
And to release the personal story,
the me story,
which is appearing in our mind as real.

Veiling the fact that we are this transparent awareness,
this borderless invisible presence.

So we are interested profoundly and deeply
interested in understanding and living
this understanding
and freedom.

Waking up from the illusion of separation
from the me story, the me belief.
So that the light can shine unobstructed,
unveiled by
personal identity,
personal identification.

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