Ordinary awareness

Magdi Badawy, 04-10-2024

Hello, everyone.


Just a reminder that we’ll have a guided meditation for the first, part of this meeting, and then you’re welcome to explore whatever questions you may have.

So meditation is not an activity.

It is not something that you do.

So, allow things to be as they are.
Without knowing.
Every moment is fresh.
Brand new.

Every moment is a discovery.
An opportunity to
Being recognizing itself.

So you can allow yourself to sink into presence.
You don’t need to understand,
you don’t need to figure anything out.

So the mind becomes tranquil.
Without seeking tranquility.

The past, the future,
are not necessary in this moment;
they serve no function right now.

Allow things to be as they are,
do nothing.

Because this sort of open listening
is not something that you do,
it is what you are.

You are this invisible,

This open listening
that has no center,
no location.

Although you perceive
various thoughts and sensations,
there is an aspect to your experience
which is not perceived:

The perceiving aspect.

Everything you perceive refers
to the perceiving aspect.

which is always there.

It is that which is real
in your experience;
that invisible presence.

Life flows like a river,
through this presence.

A gentle flow.

Life flows through you.
It’s a sort of movement that
flows through the non-movement.

And they are not two.
Like heat and fire,
or light and the sunshine,
they are not two.

Life unfolds to you,
through you:
various thoughts, events.

But nothing is happening to awareness.
Nothing is happening
to being,
to presence,
to you.

Because the You is knowingness,
the You is awareness,
and not some sentient form.

The sentient form has no knowingness.
The body does not know it is a body.
The tree does not know it’s a tree.
Knowingness belongs to itself, to you.

You, that which knows it is,
and knows it is aware.

It knows it’s aware of the world,
and the body,
and the mind.

But there is a direct awareness
which is without form,
which is the awareness of awareness:
I know I am.
I know I know.

It is that which is the wholeness,
the understanding of this direct knowingness.

It’s a revelation of the only reality there is:
that which is self knowing.

When you refer to I,
it is awareness referring to itself.
This knowingness referring to itself.

Because an object does not refer to itself,
does not know itself.

A thought does not know itself.
Only that which is knowing is knowing.
In your experience,
You are this knowingness.

You are that
which knows,
which understands,
which perceives,
which knows it perceives,
which is,
which knows it is.

So it is erroneous in a way
to refer to yourself as an object:
as a mother,
a father,
a son,
a daughter.

It is erroneous to refer to yourself
as a sentient being:
a form,
a person.

Because knowingness
does not belong to a form.

You perceive the body.
A form appears in awareness.

The form

but awareness does not change
with the changing perceptions.
You remain as you are.

You know you are.
You know You know.
You know you’re aware, and
you know awareness is aware that is aware.

So you don’t need to refer to yourself
as a man or a woman,
as a person.

This ordinary awareness is God’s awareness.
This formless, invisible, non-phenomenal reality.

Always on board.
Always available to itself and to you
as here I Am;
this aware Presence,
this ordinary awareness.

Which we overlook by habit,
we focus on the senses.
We focus on the

But this ordinary awareness
is always there, shining.

What would your world be
without the sunshine?

Such a tremendous excitement
when there is one minute of eclipse.

One minute,
and the entire planet is in awe.

The breath is gentle.
Gentle flow.

The sunrise and sunset,
the heartbeat.

How sweet.

And this ordinary awareness.

Available to everything,

Without argumentation.
Effortless presence.
Everything is welcomed equally
within this ordinary awareness.

Even the choice to turn away
is welcomed
because there are no issues.

All is well.

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