Awakening to Truth

Magdi Badawy, 07-16-2023

Hello everyone, lovely to see you.

So welcome.
All is well as it is.
There are no mistakes in the universe.
No mistakes in God’s kingdom.

So invite yourself to relax and rest.
Be like a feather.
Carried by the wind.
No struggle.

Not knowing.
And there is no need to know what you are,
what is unfolding?
No need to set up any separation.

No need to stand apart.
It is not possible to actually stand apart.
From the totality.
Because you are that.
Any separation is imaginary.

The reality is one
and therefore there are no opposites.

A wave is one,
although we refer to the upper slope of the wave
and the downward slope of the wave as two.
In fact, no wave is one.

As we refer to our hand
as the palm of the hand
and the other side of the hand,
the hand is one.

So as you referred to yourself as the body.
And you do not refer to yourself as the world,
you are overlooking your oneness
your wholeness.

Awakening to truth is this simple understanding
that not only you are the world,
not only you are the body,
but you are also the world.

That there is no separation in your kingdom.

Imagining that you are born and existing in time and space.
But this imagination is just that:
a passing thought, a belief, a feeling.

Imagine yourself to be a unicorn.
This does not make you so.

What if you don’t imagine yourself to be anything.
To simply be.
Being is effortless
beyond any doubt.

I am is absolute certainty
the certainty of being.

I am this and not that is imaginary,
mental, insignificant.

Not based on any truth.

Whenever you are not engaging in
I am this, I’m not that,
Truth shines effortlessly,
without any imaginary somebody doing anything.

Because there is no reality to a separate limited entity.
Although there is a recurring thought that appears to you.
Although there may be a recurring thought
which appears to you that maybe saying
I am this and not that,
does not mean it is truth.

As you remain not knowing
about what you are
realization that you are the one and only reality
reveals itself in a mysterious fashion.

So allow yourself to be not knowing about what you are.
Trust this understanding.

In this way you are like a branch.
When sooner or later the dove will land.

You are the branch and the dove.

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