Freedom from the sense of lack and fear of death

Magdi Badawy

Satsang Recordings 05-14-2023:

Hello every one

to be with you

And to be

Welcoming oneself is effortless

Nobody is ever doing anything
and yet here we are

Here we are as this effortless presence
This effortlessly friendliness, this friendship

Kindness meaning one kind
One being, one indivisible self.

And it’s so beautiful to recognize
this wholeness

That I is one I, one Self
Appearing as
many forms,
infinite forms

Appearing as the sunshine,
appearing as a snail,
appearing as breath,
as this moment.
This appearance right now

The reality of Consciousness,
the reality of Being.
This formless reality

In the journey of humanity, my journey
what is it? What is it about?


The body changing over time
Relationships changing over the years

The world changing

Like a movie

So intimately unfolding
As my very self.

I am unfolding
Sunrise and sunset


And yet
there is this changeless aspect

We call it consciousness
It knows itself as love,
as friendship, as beauty

as I

there is no one that abides as I.
I is.

I do not exist in time
time flows through me
appears as
thoughts and memories

What is this sense of lack
and fear of ending,
fear of losing,
fear of being nobody,
fear of disappearing?

What is this fear?
What is this emotion?

What is it
that we are trying so hard to protect?
To safeguard?

Is that something that we
are taking beyond the grave?

Or is that something we’re
taking to the grave?

Or is it something that’s
not going to die?

And if it’s not going to die, then
what’s the point of trying to protect it?

What’s the point?
Being so worried and concerned about it

If it’s beyond death,
if it’s not going to die?

But it if it is going to die,
then why do we trouble so much
with protecting it?
Maintaining it
knowing that
at any moment
it will be gone?

We imagine
that you exist in time and that
you want to pierce through the veil of time,
into eternity

Can you pierce through the limitation of time
into eternity using your limited mind?
Using your various strategies?

Or are we just seeking temporary relief right now?

Sort of relieving the pressure
So we can for a moment experience freedom.
Freedom from being limited

Is it this limited self who is trying
to feel the freedom of limitlessness?

What is this limited self?
What is its meaning?
What is this personhood?

Are you that bundle of personhood?

Are you defined
by events in the world,
in the body,
in the mind?

Or are you vaster than that?

The vastness
in which and out of which
thoughts appear
perceptions appear

What is it that’s at stake?
What is it that’s vulnerable?
Truly vulnerable?

Or is it just your imagination?

If reality was truly limited and personal
and mortal
you would not be seeking
the peace that is beyond the mind,
the peace that is beyond the world

You would not be seeking.
You would not even be aware
that there is such a thing as
causeless peace and happiness

You would not be here
having this conversation,
hearing these words,
resonating with their meaning

and that inkling you have about
freedom and joy and peace
and happiness is real

and that the sense of lack is
a falsehood of sort

because you have that inkling, you know

not because you heard it said.
But you know it as your very knowingness

that freedom is real,
beauty is real,
peace is real

Real means absolute

But you don’t need to define yourself
via thoughts and images
and memories and sensations
and feelings.
You don’t need to define yourself
in any way whatsoever

To remain and to be not-knowing,
being, pure being,
not pinning yourself down as this or that

Be like the flow of a stream

Like rays of sunshine
Everywhere and nowhere

No personal intention.
No personal direction.

And yet
Whenever an action is needed
here we are.

In the midst of the action.
Doing what seems to be appropriate
in this moment

Not to be defending a ghost
maintaining yourself as some identity.
A painful identity

Which you will not take beyond the grave

Only remain with that which
is Unborn

Formless being

You can refer to your body as
whatever you want to define it.
As an artist.
As a male
a female

But don’t confuse yourself
Don’t confuse Consciousness.
Don’t confuse reality

With a form,
a shape and events
of the body mind

You are not in the world
The world is in you.
Appears to you and out of you.

You neither appear nor disappear.

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