Feeling unheard and unloved

Magdi Badawy, 01-15-2023

Hello everyone

so simply be
without any effort

be and let be

not in time

not in the past
not in the future

without any need to know what you are

allow whatever thoughts appear to you
to appear in their complete freedom

which is the freedom of the creator

allow yourself to sink
deeper and deeper
into not knowing
into presence

being presence reality is not
about any self gain
it’s not about any personal attainment

this personal gain and personal attainment are a myth

the myth of being a separate person

reality is one

we are that love
we are that reality

indivisible and undivided

when you are feeling unloved and unheard

what is hidden
behind such a feeling

is your love
to hear others

and your desire to love unconditionally

because the obstacle to

being heard
and being loved

is your resistance to loving unconditionally
and hearing others non-judgmentally

the mind flips it around

and finds a problem out there

but in this moment
of peace and tranquility

in the moment of presence
without referring to the past or the future

everything is perfect and complete as it is
because there is no time
for your thinking

there is no time for your narrative

you feel unheard
unheard because you’re resisting
your complete hearing
you’re resisting your unconditional openness

by separating yourself
from the totality

and placing conditions
upon none else but yourself

for what Godly purpose
do you want to be loved and heard

for what Divine Purpose
do you walk around with
a begging bowl

asking to be heard
and to be loved

you overlook that you are the love

because love means
not two

as soon as you separate yourself
the world of conditions
appears in your mind

and the world of judgments
appears to you

personal desires
appear to you
seeking fulfillment

from a source outside of yourself

your mind projects problems

various people

that are doing you wrong

a myriad of personal rules arise
within your mind

sometimes like elaborate
conditions about how others should act
and should be

but how the world should appeal to you

but the root cause of your feeling
unloved and unheard
is your belief that you are somebody
that should be loved and heard
that you are somebody

because the mind has not yet been blessed
by presence
by Consciousness
by God’s reality

it still wanders in the empty chamber of me
me and my
him and her

how about
we open our heart
to everyone and everything

rather than building gates

how about we open all the doors and windows

because all those gates are artificial

our true heart has no borders
has no Focus
it’s like the sunshine shines on
everything equally

how about we do our best to to hear others
rather than being concerned
about feeling unheard

to dive deeper and deeper into
open listening

listening that has no conditions
listening that has no end

has no objectives

listening that is not seeking anything

a listening that has no personal listener
dressed in a certain outfit
with their own conditions

because whatever we’re trying to protect
is a ghost

we live preoccupied about
the ghost
we imagine ourselves to be
a somebody

twisting and turning
can’t pin it down

to constantly prop up this personal character
to maintain it to safeguard it
to Baby
to protect it

what an exhausting task

can we
can we relax
trust God
trust truth
trust the universe
how it’s manifesting

not trying to protect anything else
just doing what it does
birth death

with the understanding
that that which is
cannot not be

being I am
cannot not be

being does not come
into being and out of being

there’s no opposite to being
no such thing as non-being

that understanding
about I
about reality

the reality
which perceives
right now effortlessly

perceives all sorts of forms and shapes
and shapes and colors

without being anything
without being defined
by that which it creates and perceives

that you are not defined
by your perceptions
and your creations

nothing defines you
but your very self
consciousness defines itself
is its own reality
refers to itself

you can unclutch your hands
let go

take God’s hand
and forget

because when you take God’s hand
God takes you
in her arms

try it

take life lightly

it’s your playground
but it’s also
your laboratory
where you can
explore what is my reality
what is the reality of that which I perceive
what is the reality of the world
what is the reality of the mind
what is the reality of I

ultimately where does the buck stop

take a look at your own direct experience

and notice that you are the invisible presence
you are not that which you perceive
you are not that which you feel
you are the reality which perceives
perceives perceptions
perceives sensations
and feelings

you can
rest with the understanding

loves you and hears you

because if you are
seeking to be loved and to be heard

by people
by others
who are impermanent

of what value
is this love which is impermanent

why don’t you
choose permanent love

and discover what that is

I say God’s love
but I don’t mean some God out there
behind the clouds and in the sky

you have to discover what is this love
that you are truly seeking
not do impermanent one
but the permanent love

what is this love
if not feeling
and experiencing
and knowing

non-dual being
not two

like the mother and her baby
not two

that is the true love
not two

what is it in your experience
your direct experience
which is not true
which is non dual

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