The universe will surprise you

Magdi Badawy, 11-20-2022

To start this meeting
if we can just
spend a few minutes
in quiet
you’re welcome if you want
to close your eyes
or turn your gaze inward
and simply rest
As You Are

there is nothing that you need to do

simply welcome your experience as it appears to you

no need to fix anything or
seek any state

everything is okay as it is
all is well

notice sensations within your body
without a need to label them

raw sensation

the universe manifesting itself
as a sensation

and manifesting itself as
the sound of this voice
activity of hearing

allow yourself to
sink deeper and deeper into
not knowing

into being
not knowing

the heart of Silence


inner tranquility

without a need to do anything

notice awareness is effortless

perceiving is effortless

it is the Universe which perceives
through this particular Body Mind

without any personal doorship

awareness is quite magical

every instant
is magical

the infinite creativity
of universal consciousness

which is I

not I the male or female
person Body Mind

but I the reality which perceives right now
this effortless and borderless

when you are completely open and relaxed as

not identified as a
a particular entity

not identified in any way

every instant
every moment is
brand new

a whole and complete

nothing lacking

and every moment surprises you

when we have the eyes of a newborn
fresh looking

unburdened with history

the heart is innocent and open
every moment is astounding

the magic show will surprise you
when you are not knowing

because there are no borders
in Consciousness
in reality

there is nothing which is not included
as your very being

because your personal being is borderless

the world is your body

the universe is your being

Universal Consciousness plays the game of Sensations
thoughts and

none of which is a problem

there is only God
it is all one
one reality


when you are that

so we do our best in living

inviting ourself to recognize the other as myself
and the entire world as myself
my very body

we keep aligning our
thinking our
feeling and our

according to this principle this understanding

about wholeness and Oneness and totality
the glory of consciousness
which we all are
in which everything is.

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