Is consciousness personal?

Magdi Badawy, 11-04-2022

okay so it should be okay now

because it is impossible to
to really Express
your silence

we use words

but what you are trying to express is the silence
which is the Silence of the universe

which may not appear
to be silent

and yet it is

which is The Silence of our true self

the presence

it is within this silent presence

that the play

which we call life
my life
takes place within
and embraced

by the Silence of presence

our stories about
ourselves and
our tribe

our emotions

they appear
within this silent presence

which is always there
throughout our experience

this presence is not
my presence
or your presence

there are no actual
Borders or delineations within presence

there are no links
within presence which is one
and uninterruptible

so as presence as awareness
as this silent beingness
there is no beginning
no ending there is no
separate me or separate you
there’s no separation

one borderless field of beingness
awareness consciousness

what makes it my consciousness
my presence
my silence
my all else

what is this
my personal aspect

what is that made of

could it be a habitual tendency
to resist somehow
resisting thoughts appear
which say no to this
out of

the notion that there is somebody to protect

How can anything be protected from life

being that there is nothing separate from life

of course we like the fire

when it is cold
open the windows
when it’s warm
but there is no resistance in that

there is a flow
easy harmonious flow
when we are not trying to maintain
or protect our imaginary selves
in our imaginary tribe
with our imaginary future

things get pretty messy and complicated
when we create imaginary borders

imagine ourselves separate
as a separate self
a separate conscious
separate from others

which is not necessary for harmonious
harmonious life

in fact separating ourselves is the party pooper
the spoiler

which leads to aggressive
disharmonious relationships

egoic hurtful actions

but my Consciousness is zero Consciousness
is the same
we are the same being

the same essence
expressing itself
in so many different forms

but the multiple expressions of beingness
do not imply the separation

our worries
are always about
the imaginary me

this belief
that I end with my body
that I am limited to the body
that I am a body-mind character

this belief
which we live out every day
like a straight jacket
which we put on

with a bundle of thoughts and images


we’ve become some sort of character

which we maintain

with our beliefs and or opinions


there are no borders

to be
to our reality

no beginning no ending

somehow sometimes we hear that
but we don’t trust it

we want to believe it
or maybe we even get it
but we hold back

how could it be
I have no beginning or ending

I get it
but I
I’ve been so habituated
to live as a mortal
as a mortal being
how can I let go of that

can I hold on to both
can I hold on to
the understanding that I
this silent presence
have no beginning and ending
and at the same time

you can’t stand in both camps

that which is can never
not be

that which is not has never been
and can never be

which are you

that which is
and can never not be

or that which is not
and can never be

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