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Category: Meditation

  • Relaxed and Awake

    When you contemplate your reality, it is reality which is contemplating itself. Meaning, the universe is contemplating itself and recognizing itself as the one and only reality.

  • Viveka – A meditative contemplation with Magdi

    And we learn to distinguish, to discriminate the viveka between that which is and cannot not be and that which comes and goes.

  • The causeless peace of being

    Unidentified with the history of the body-mind. We know ourself as this effortless, transparent presence. The mind comes to rest.

  • What is the ego? Does ego imply identification?

    To be fully available, unconditionally. Because that which you are is this complete availability. This formless openness, this huge embrace. And that’s so beautiful.

  • Judgment and maintaining the me-belief

    I am is undefined, unlabeled, not in time and space, not time bound. You are not that which appears to you. You are not defined by any mind narrative.

  • What is in the way of happiness?

    Notice how in this moment of being, this moment of presence, there is no one doing anything. In a way, whatever is unfolding is unfolding on its own. And there is no distance, no separation. It’s so lovely when there is this inner quiet. Not trying to fix anything or get somewhere, remember something.