What is it that is changing? What is movement?

Magdi Badawy, 06-01-2024

Hello, everyone.
Lovely to be with you.

So welcome yourself and rest
rest in the welcoming.
Rest as the welcoming.

Allow things to be as they are,
because they are what they are,
and all is well.

You are the ocean,
the ocean of being,
the peace,
the universal peace,
the causeless peace.

Whatever appears to you
does not touch you.
You touch it,
but it does not touch you.

Invite yourself to sink deeper
and deeper into presence.

Invite your body to expand
beyond the imaginary borders.

Because there are no borders in reality.

You don’t need to imagine yourself
to be anybody.
You don’t need to remember yourself
as anybody.
Because you are not defined by your imagination.
You are not defined by your remembrance.
You are this aware presence, knowing itself.

I know myself as being, amness,
and I know you as the same amness,
the same beingness, the same reality.

There is a restfulness in this understanding.
The understanding that I am not a separate entity.
The understanding that there is no separation in reality.

It is said that truth
is best expressed in the silence,
universal silence.

Everything which you perceive,
you perceive within this silence,
this silent awareness.

This silent awareness is aware.

Reality is aware.
Activity is the dance of non activity.

Shakti with Shiva,
non movement.

The bliss,
the wisdom,
the creative aspect.

Whatever appears to you
refers to its non appearance.
The reality which perceives.

You dream infinite dreams.
You travel to distant lands.
But you don’t move.

In this non movement
which is absolute, eternal,
is the fulfillment.

The recognition of this non movement
is simply self recognition.
The recognition of fulfillment and wholeness.
The recognition of your transparency.
Your reality.

Invisible to the senses,
and yet it knows itself absolutely.

Ultimately, everything we perceive
is meant to remind us of the perceiver.
Everything which seemingly is happening to us
is simply a pointer to us,
to the source,
which is freedom.

In reality, there is no time.
One could say that reality is eternity.
And, experientially, it is peace.

Notice the gentle breath.
It is made out of your noticing.

Its reality is you.
In time, the illusion of separation dissolves.
Me in time, dissolves.
Him, her, past and future dissolve
into presence,
into peace,
into being,
into love and beauty,

The flow becomes more and more gentle.

Loving, kind,

because everything and everyone is yourself.

The mind becomes more and more comfortable
in being, in not knowing.

The journey into God is endless.
A delightful journey.

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