Being and Existence

Magdi Badawy, 06-19-2024

Welcome everyone

Whenever we turn our attention to presence
we are available
available to the peace
the causeless peace

That which does not know any problems
That which is always available to us at this moment

No past
No future

Simply being
Without any agenda
without any definition

Sensations appear to us:
the heartbeat
the breath
the sound of traffic in the distance

Nothing is disturbed
There is an absence of seeking
That is our true home

the amness
the I am

Which is not localized
because in order to localize presence
you need to formulate mind conditions
in order to impose a structure
or to impose some form
or some definition unto yourself
which is not necessary
which is limiting

So here we are aware
aware of being
not of being somebody
Simply aware of isness, of beingness
Aware of awareness

It does not need to go any further

It is out of this spaciousness of awareness
and within this spaciousness of awareness
that this conversation is going on

It is within this awareness
that sounds appear
that sensations appear

Manifestation arises
out of the unmanifest

Like your night dreams
arise out of you
They exist within you

You are this beingness, awareness
which is creative every instant
The waking state
dream state
the deep sleep state
are your creation

Various manifestations of awareness

Like waves
and bubbles
on the surface of the waves
and currents within the ocean

They exist within the ocean
and they arise out of the ocean
and they do not augment or diminish
the ocean

Similarly, the world-body-mind
thoughts, sensations, memories
various perceptions
they appear
they exist
within being
within consciousness
within reality

Like heat exists within fire

Being is untouched by existence
which is the creation of being
its creativity

So you recognize yourself not as an event
not as something
or someone
existing in time and space

You are prior to existence

Time appears within the timeless

Timelessness is unaffected by time
Like the screen of consciousness is unaffected
by thoughts, sensations, perceptions
which appear and disappear
within that borderless space
which you are
which I am
Being reality

Without a beginning and ending
Without a story line
Without a past and a future

The freedom of being
the joy of being

So rather than referring to yourself
as somebody with a history
which applies to the body, to the body mind
remain as you are

Without referring to yourself as anything
without imagining yourself
to be something or somebody

Whatever issues you may imagine you have
or feel that you have
are a result of defining yourself
or identifying yourself as some limited entity

So we return over and over
as needed
to our understanding about I
the formless, invisible reality

which effortlessly perceives
which knows it is
and knows that it perceives

This understanding is
the experience of freedom
the experience of peace

What makes a symphony so delightful
are not the notes
but the intervals of silence

The silence which permeates the notes

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

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