That which we truly love does not die

Magdi Badawy, 04-07-2024

Welcome, everyone.
Lovely to see you.

So we invite ourself into presence.
Letting go of the past,
letting go of whatever
we needed to tend to.

And just simply be.

Allowing things to be as they are.
Welcoming our experience as it is.

Allowing this silent presence
to express itself,
to resonate within us.
To reveal itself.

Allowing thoughts to be
whichever way they appear,
without focusing on anything phenomenal
without trying to do anything,
without trying to fix our experience.

What is it we truly love?

We love the happiness,
the peace,
the freedom,
the inner tranquility.

Our well-being
and well-being of others.

Everything which appears to us
is fleeting,
Like clouds in the sky,
like the weather.

The body is constantly changing…
the world,
our relationships,
the thoughts which appear to us.
You’re constantly changing.

Sensations in the body…
your mind,
constantly changing.

There is the changeless aspect,
of our experience.
And it is that which we truly love,
that which we are,
that which does not exist in time and space,
that which is aware, and
that which is beyond any distinction:
your very self,
your very being
is universal being.

Your very self is God’s self,
universal self.

We may enjoy
our life experiences,
hopes and even some disillusionment.

We may have some aspirations in life,
some personal goals.

But that which we love is the peace,
the desireless state.
Desirelessness itself is our love,
which is the recognition of
our wholeness and
our totality and
our infinite abundance.

Not as some transient imaginary
personal body-minds,
personal beings,
but our true abundance
as being,
as consciousness,
as wholeness,
that which does not know lack or fear.

Body-minds are
a passing stream,
a symphony.

We flow.

A vehicle.

But there is awareness,
non-phenomenal reality,
the nominal aspect of your experience;
that which is and knows it is.
That is the true celebration.
That is the love.
That is the heart.
That is the fulfillment.
That is our home.
That is that which we seek in everything that we do.

We seek that recognition
to recognize ourself,
not as some storyline,
not as a son, a daughter,
some temporary event in eternity,
but to recognize ourself as eternity itself.

As the infinite,
invisible reality,
which does not know birth and death,
which shines the light onto the mind,
which is the essence of the mind,
the essence of your experience.

This invisible presence,
this aware presence,
beingness that which truly hears these words
right now and has always been on board;
the one and only reality.

That which is truly hearing right now
and truly perceiving right now
and knows knows that I am.

That knowingness knows itself.
It knows it is real.

And nonobjective,
not made out of molecules and atoms
of flesh and bones.

When without this knowingness,
without awareness being aware of itself, J
just a stream of thoughts and sensations
and perceptions and emotions.

trying to gain some significance
or playing the game of reality.

In fact, it’s old game
the universe is playing.

But somehow your interest is in truth,
somehow the shell has a crack in the shell,
and the light of understanding came upon you.

The light of understanding,
the understanding about reality,
about the infinite invisible,
about the universal cosmic realm.

The light and the darkness.
And it is this light which you cannot shake.
For good reason, because it’s an eternal light.

And it’s inviting you to roam in God’s garden,
to live,
explore the entire garden
to deepen your understanding,
to offer all your belongings,
all your possessions.

Because it is in giving that you receive.
And it is in opening your hands,
this offering,
that bounty comes onto you
and softening your heart.

Because there are no borders
to you,
to reality.

The sense of lack and fear are
how the me-virus appears to you.

Worries and concerns
is how the sense of personhood
and separation maintain themselves.

But as awareness,
as consciousness,
we we soar.

Like the hawks up in the air,
barely flapping the wing,
being carried,
across distances.

Your wings are the wings
of consciousness,
of awareness, and your body is the body
of consciousness and awareness.

You are that bird soaring.
Everything comes to you.
Everything appears to you without any effort.

You are the wind,
the formless wind.
Because all forms in essence are formless.
And you are all of it.

Everything is revealed to you
in the eternal now,
the heart of silence,
the shining light of presence,
of awareness.

We are
one in truth,
one in reality.

So we live as best we can;
honoring our understanding
about reality,
about being.

Like, a child in the crowd for a while,
it needs to hold on to mother’s hand.
At some point, it can let go
for a few minutes
and then return to make sure
mom’s hand is still there, and it is.

It does it again and again.
realize that mother’s hand is always there,
and it starts roaming in the crowd,
knowing within itself that
mother’s hand is always there.

Inner trust, because every time we check,
awareness, this
formless reality
is there.

The reality which perceives,
not some concept.
We can go directly to it.

I am, and
I know that
I am.
I perceive, and
I know
I perceive.

Always available to us!
It is our reality.
There is only one reality.

Call it by any name.
It calls itself
by all names and
by no name.

It knows itself as
everything, and

The conceiver,
the creator, and
the perceiver in one.

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