Before the mind, what is it that is truly alive?

Magdi Badawy, 03-05-2024

Hello, everyone.
Lovely to see you and to be with you.

You’re welcome to either close your eyes
or turn your gaze inward.

And welcome your experience as it is
Without knowing
Without history,
Without a goal.

Allowing being to be
And to express itself
As hearing these words
As perceiving a bodily sensation or a thought.

It is quite magical
This inner availability
This open listening
It’s quite a miracle

The miracle of consciousness
Impersonal awareness

And we are that

When the mind is quiet
There is the other
That otherness which is closer than close

Our intimacy

There is that which is primordial in our experience
Which knows itself
Which is not a narrative
That to which a narrative appears

This wide open space of awareness
The peace
The peace of being
The peace of awareness

Thoughts come and go
They appear out of the vastness
Out of that which does not appear

And they refer to I
I, meaning the reality which perceives
All phenomenal events refer to I
They refer to this invisible presence
This formless reality
Which is life
This invisible reality

That which simultaneously creates and perceives

That which has no beginning and no ending
Not subject to any conditions
Not the result of any activity

This awareness, consciousness, is Life
And there is no separate entity
In spite of a personal narrative
In spite of memories and preferences
A belief in a separate entity

In spite of such a belief
And in spite of the me-narrative
Which appears to awareness
There is no separate entity in fact
No separate me
No separate other

So what am I?
In the absence of separation…
I am!

There is no somebody for me to be
No someone
Just being knowing itself

Knowing amness is
And this amnes is aware

It is this aware amness which is life
which we call life

Not the mountains and the rivers
Not the galaxies
Because the mountains and the rivers
Refer to consciousness

They are reflections of the sunlight on the surface of the pond
These reflections refer to the sun
Refer to the sunlight

So the world-body-mind is a reverberation of life
The movement of the unmovable
The motion of the motionless

But this motion is not a true motion
From point A to point B
Because in the ocean
Both point A and point B are the ocean
The one reality

So allow yourself to be carried
By the wind of not-knowing

The wind of not-knowing knows best
Like children coming together to play in the sandbox

Can we be gentle and kind with each other?
This sweet playfulness
Without engaging in winning and losing
But to be playful
To be uncertain

There’s only one thing we are certain of
Which is “Being Is” and cannot not be

And that this being is this one reality

One totality
One embrace
One heart

All is one

So we are available for this understanding to deepen
To manifest itself in our life

It’s an active manifestation
We move the pieces according to the principles of wisdom and love.

That is very beautiful

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