The Peace of Being evades the identified human mind

Magdi Badawy, 10-22-2023

Welcome everyone.

So for the beginning of this meeting
we will share a guided meditation,
and then we are welcome to explore
whatever questions we may have.

So listen to the silence within.

Allow to listen,
for silence to take you to itself.

The silence which is deeper than the silence of the mind.

Which is the silence of being,
of our being.
Always there.

Before any thought.
That silent presence is there.

And the thought which appears to you
appears within this silence.

In this silence and as this silence,
there is no separation.

That is our true being.
Our true self, our true nature.
Always available to us, always there.
Always inviting us to itself.

It’s a transparent presence.

Without form,
without any limitation.

It is love.
Not somebody loving somebody else,
but the love and the truth that we are.

We overlook ourselves when we identify in any way.
We overlook our formless self, our reality.

Which is one reality.

When we identify as this or that,
a separate me and a separate you
is only a mind impression.
It has no power outside of our belief in it,
the power that we give it.

So you can invite yourself to being not knowing.

Allowing being to be without reemergence
of belief and identification;
without any of the old stuff.

The path is the path of love.

Shedding away.
Shedding beliefs.
About me, you, the world.

Living, freshly moment by moment.
Enlightened by the understanding
that we are the same reality.

By the understanding that
there is no separation anywhere.

The invitation is to live
without the past,
without holding on to beliefs.

To relax our tendencies to resist.

Do we imagine danger,
or an imaginary me?

But there is no me this moment.

No separate entity outside of thoughts
and images and beliefs which are empty.
Empty of substance.

This me is I, universal being,
the reality which perceives right now.
which knows itself.

Beyond all forms.
It knows itself.

As itself and by itself
without any need for any
description or conceptualization.

There has never been a limited mortal entity,
a body, a person, a son a daughter,
there has never been any such thing,
and there never will.

It’s a game that you choose to play.,
and you choose to stop playing.

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