Recollecting the Understanding

Magdi Badawy, 09-07-2023


It’s lovely to be with you.
Can we meet freshly, this moment.

Somehow free from the past.
Just for now.
To relax and to soak into being.

We don’t need to do anything.
So that the mind can relax,
take a break.

Not, for any purpose.
Not in order to reach a certain state.

But to unplug the machine.

Notice the sensation of breathing.

Whatever sensations may be appearing to you.
Like, you’re perceiving a gentle breeze,
or clouds in the wide open sky.

Seeking nothing.
Arguing with no one.

Simply being, without knowing what you are.

Before any image appears on the screen,
the screen is there.

The reality of any image.
It’s the screen itself.

This ordinary awareness,
which has no borders,
which is invisible to the senses.

The reality which perceives.
You are this reality,
this invisible aware presence,
which is just undeniable,

Like the sun shines effortlessly.
There is nothing which you
need to do
in order to be.

You already are.
Isness IS.
Being IS.

Like you soak a white sheet in the blue dye
in order to give it the blue color.
Every soaking of the white sheet,
in the blue dye,
makes the sheet absorb the blue color.

It takes many soakings.
And with every soaking
the blue impregnates the white sheet.

as you soak into presence,
your Being,
your true nature
gets more and more revealed.

It is effortless.
Only your interest and
your love for truth is required.

You recollect your true love.
You recollect your love for truth.
It is your love for truth, which guides you,
in the direction of truth.

The understanding that you are not
a female or a male consciousness.
You are not a form. A coarse form
made out of molecules, atoms and matter.

You are not an object in time and space.
You are the invisible reality.
The reality of Being.

You are that which is and knows it is.

We navigate the body mind,
the world, in whichever way you can.
The best way you can.
Inspired by love,
inspired by understanding
the understanding that we are one.

That all is one.
That there is no reality to separation.
That we are never truly apart.
We never leave each other at the core of our being.
We are not two.

Invite this understanding to guide our behavior,
to enlighten our mind.

And we visit and we revisit.
In the understanding that I refers to Reality
and not to a particular form,
a very specific personal limited entity,
which appears and disappears.

It is the invisible which perceives.
And you are this invisible.

Reality is formless.

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