The sense of me belongs to the universe

Magdi Badawy, 08-27-2023

Welcome everyone.
Lovely to be with you.

So we will start in this meeting with a brief meditation.
You can turn your look inwards or close your eyes;
whatever resonates for you.

And do nothing.
Simply allow your experience.
Whatever appears to you.
To be just as it is.

You don’t need to do any effort.
Relax into being.

Notice the peace and the stillness
that permeates your experience.

Allow the peace of being to shine.
You don’t need to figure anything out.

Notice how the sound of this voice,
thoughts appear to you,
without any effort, without you doing anything.

They appear and disappear within you.
You being the reality which perceives this reception;
which hears these words.

Like a river flows within the banks;
you are the river.

You are the flow,
you are the banks.

When you look over the hills,
when you perceive the hills and mountains.
They arise within you.

When you notice this the sensation within the body,
the sensation of hunger or tiredness.
These sensations arise within you.
You being the reality which perceives.

The mountains. The hills are made out of the universe.
They’re not separate from the totality.
Your body, breathing, sensing, perceiving
Is made out of the mountains. is made out of the sky,
is made out of the air, is made of the totality.

There is an infinite invisible inter-connectiveness, between everything.

Like, the different waves on the ocean.
There is an invisible interconnectedness between them,
which is their substance, water.

There are no separate waves in the ocean.
There are no separate things in the universe. In fact, in reality.
Conceptually we make distinctions between this and that,
but experientially it is all one.

I and the universe are one.

The ocean, and its infinite waves are one.
When you turn your attention to the sense of I…
what is it?

Maybe sensations will appear to you,
maybe thoughts will appear to you, concerning the sense of I.

Maybe memories will appear to you.

Whatever appears to you
appears to you in the same manner,
that the mountain appears to you,
in the same manner that the sky appears to you.

You can make conceptual distinctions
between the mountain and the sky.

We can make conceptual distinctions
between the mountain and the sensation in the body.

We can make distinctions between a lake and the thought,
but they all appear in the same place, in the same space,
and they all have the same substance

and we can make a distinction between a wave
and a block of ice floating in the ocean,
but they are made of the same substance: water,

and they both appear within the same ocean,
and they’re made out of the ocean.

The sense of I is not separate from the mountains and the rivers,
is not separate from the universe.

We are indivisible,
experientially indistinguishable.

When you refer to your experience,
rather than referring to your conceptual realm,
your experience reveals to you, non-duality.

Reveals to you non separation.

The sense of me and the sense of I are not so different.
It is the ocean, which is playing the game of waves and currents.

It is the universe which is playing
the game of mountains, rivers, and clouds and people.

And this universe knows itself as I am.
You know yourself as I am.
And you know yourself as this IS.

We are one and the same.

Simply do not add I am something
or I am somebody; simply do not add
I am this body, I am this man or this woman, this father, or mother.

That is true about the body-mind, but it is not truly about I.
I, is the reality which perceives.
It is formless, has no name or age.
It is not an object.

Your body appears to you,
sensations appear to you.
We are not that which appears.
You are not that which appears.

It is the universe which perceives through this body-mind.

You are that vastness.

No need to identify I with any object, with any experience,
with any form, with any event.

Remain not-knowing, just as you are.

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