Nothing to Attain: The Simplicity of Being

Magdi Badawy, 07-02-2023


So just for now,
You could simply turn your attention
to the stillness
to the peace

The ground of being

which is your very self
before you start to imagine yourself.

Your true face.

before birth,
before any appearance

that which you are is not something
which appears and disappears.

That which you are is not the result
of any activity.

Whether it is activity in the brain
or activity in the world,
you perceive that.

So you can allow your attention
to fall back onto its source
rather than reaching out
towards any object
or towards any experience.

Allow your attention
to fall back without knowing
where it’s falling back
and what it’s falling back to.

Your reality,
the reality of your mind,
the reality of your body,
the reality of the world,
the reality of your experience
is nonphenomenal.

What you are looking for is that which is looking.

There is nothing outside of your very self.
There’s nothing outside of the reality of consciousness;
you know that
because you are that.

Anything which you attain is not real.
It appears and disappears
the same way that you attain something supposedly in the same way.

Only that, which is cannot be attained,
cannot be gained, and cannot be lost.
And it is not something that appears to you,
because whatever appears to you also disappears in you.

It is only that which neither appears nor disappears.
Which is real.
Which is true.
Which is Absolute.

When you investigate the belief that you are somebody
gaining something, losing something,
somebody existing in time and space,
you only find thoughts, sensations.

You do not find such a person.
You only find yourself
as this borderless, indisputable aware presence,
which has no location,
which is nowhere and everywhere.

Which is not a thing.
It is nothing in everything.

Nothing to attain means
there is no separate entity in the cosmos,
which is lacking anything.

So like the wide open sky,
it is unaffected by the clouds which arise in space.

Similarly, you look through you,
the only you there is, is unaffected
by the world-body-mind events,
which are your own making.

It doesn’t matter much what appears to you.

The ocean.
It doesn’t give it darn about the waves and the shapes of the waves, the number of waves.

Is completely new.
The waves are Nothing else, but the movement of the ocean
within itself playful, creative.

Sitting in the front row of the theater,
the theater of its making.

Creating and proceeding simultaneously.
Without anything being at stake for anyone,
because there is no one,
no separate self, no separate life.
There is only the one.

Attainment is only a word which refers to understanding about truth.
The understanding that reality is non phenomenal.
and that there is no reality to phenomena
outside of the nonphenomenal reality of consciousness.

This very simple awareness, this simple mind is God’s mind.

God’s awareness.
There is no other awareness.
There is no other reality.
There is no personal creator.
It is all universal manifestation
the universe within itself to itself,
manifesting the universe.

And you are this knowing-element.
You are the understanding.
You do not understand, rather, you are the understanding.

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