The Pathless Path to Awakening

Magdi Badawy, 06-11-2023

So welcome everyone.

So we’ll start in this meeting with a brief meditation.
So just sit confidently
and either close your eyes or turn your gaze inward.

Welcome whatever appears to you,
…the sound of this voice
…the breath.

Whatever thoughts or sensations appear to you
to be fresh in this moment.

Not to be carrying the past.
Simply be.

This meditation is more a not-doing,
rather than engaging in some activity.

Simply resting as presence,
as being,
without knowing.

You already are that which you are,
nothing separate.

The universe breathes through you
and you breathe through the universe.

I am,
but this I is not defined by thought
it is not defined by anything which is perceived.

I is reality.
It is the invisible, perceiving element.

The reality which perceives.

The source, the core of reality,
which we refer to as consciousness.

There is nothing separate in the entire cosmos,
there are no separate objects or separate realities.

That is why it is said that there is no past to reality.

Sometimes it is said, that the path to reality is a pathless path;
because Consciousness is formless, borderless, non-phenomenal.

And your true body is the body of the universe,
your body is the universe itself.

We perceive various shapes and forms,
but they are one, as your perception.

And they are one as they belong to the same reality.

You are this reality;
it is formless Awareness.

It’s on the form of sensations, perceptions,
thoughts, which we sometimes refer to as the Shakti aspect of Shiva,
the creative aspect of creation.

As consciousness all is well.
Nothing opposes one reality.

You are not a personal entity
that stands outside of reality.

You are not personal character that has been abandoned by the father
abandoned by the parents.

You feel abandoned and lacking, fearful as a a person.
The beliefs that you, meaning this borderless aware of presence, believing that you are born by the womb and that you exist in time and space.

Belief is unfounded and unnecessary for living harmoniously peacefully in tranquility.

Any personal activity is Illusionary,
but if you want to play the game of illusion, then play the game of understanding and awakening to your true nature, the true essence;
which is the reality which perceives right now, but is not perceived phenomenally.

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