The Experience of Happiness

Magdi Badawy, 06-08-2023

Very lovely to be with you.

Welcome your experience just as it appears to you,
without the need to define yourself in any way,
without the need to engage in any activity.

Simply rest as presence,
rest as awareness and trust this resting.

Enjoy this resting,
allow this resting, this restfulness,
to permeate your body and mind.

You don’t need to limit yourself in any way,
no need to seek anything. What for?

Simply be.

Go to the sensation of your body and mind
and do nothing.

There is no separate entity anywhere,
there is no separation anywhere.

Notice how effortlessly you hear these words,
how effortlessly we perceive this perception,
we perceive bodily sensations.

There is no one doing anything, no personal doer.

In this understanding,
how can there be any sense of lack?
Because there is no one to lack anything,
not even the thought of something missing.

When the body is hungry, it tells you to feed me.
This message comes to you effortlessly.

There are no borders to presence, to being.

That is actually your experience.

If you pay attention,
you will not find any barrier anywhere
between you and the world.

Maybe a thought appears to you,
but it’s not separate,
or a sensation appears to you,
there is no separation.

So there is no need for you to define yourself
as a part or a segment or a fragment,
because that is not truly your experience.

Your happiness is truth, is reality,
which is the non-dual reality.

Meaning there is no one anywhere lacking anything,
because there is no one, no separate one anywhere.

In the absence of the sense of lack, all is well.

The understanding about truth, about reality,
about our true nature,
is the understanding about happiness,
which is our effortless true nature,
this presence which is borderless,
which permeates our entire experience,
which we are, the presence which we are,
which I am.

So you can allow things to be, relax as being.

Notice that there are no borders anywhere to you,
you meaning the reality of being,
the oneness of being,
the wholeness of being,
the totality of being.

Allow your understanding,
which is your actual experience,
to permeate your entire being.

So that being ceases to appear as a limited being
and recovers its true borderless beingness.

The body has a name,
but you, that knowing.

There is no opposition in being, in awareness.

Opposition and resistance are mind activity
which arises out of the belief that you are somebody,
something that needs to be protected.

Of course, we do our best in taking care of the body,
protecting the body, providing for the body,
rest, nutrition.

It is our identification with the body
which leads to psychological resistance,
psychological fears, and worry.

But the understanding that I am this invisible perceiving reality,
formless noumenal reality, restores order.

There is no evidence that you,
this aware presence, that you, consciousness,
are born and exist in time and space,
and that something is happening to you,
to consciousness.

There is no evidence for such a model.

We adopt this model out of habit,
out of belief.

You can let it go.

Simply allow being to reveal itself,
to reveal its totality, its infinity,
to reveal your totality,
your infinity, your transparency.

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