Freedom from the sense of lack

Magdi Badawy, 04-16-2023

Hello everyone

so welcome

just sit comfortably
either close your eyes or turn your gaze inward

and welcome your experience just as it appears to you

simply be without
doing anything

notice the breath

in the silence
the inner Stillness

which is waiting
for your recognition

there’s nothing you need to do

the universe is universing
and you are not apart
from that

there is no distinction between you
and the universe

the totality

you perceive form
but you are not a form
and yet you are undeniable

not as a body
not as a form
undeniable as awareness

you are aware that you are aware

when you are aware that you are
beyond any doubt

is your direct experience

and interruptible

thoughts appear to you
like in a dream

bodily sensations appear
to you

walking in this space
the space of awareness

appearing and dissolving
like a flicker

but you don’t appear or disappear
you simply are

in this amness

this beingness
is not looking anywhere

one could say it is nowhere and everywhere

this beingness
this amness knows it is

we can rest as that
which you are already

as presence you are the peace


as presence you touch everything

and nothing touches you

as presence
there is no sense of lack
there are no issues

there is the universe universing
out of this presence
as this presence

without any sense of lack
and without any fear

it is only when you imagine yourself
to be a person
to be a mortal entity

to be a body mind
existing in time and space

which is only upon adopting this belief
this model about yourself
that you experience
the sense of lack
and the accompanying worries
and concerns and fears

only as a person which you imagine yourself to be

which you decide yourself to be
which you choose yourself to be
that the mind gets muddied

and the Peace of being
gets corrupted in contracted
into a sense of limitation

a sense of physicality
a locality


all along the universe is universing
but upon adopting the model of being a physical mortal entity

you experience yourself as separate from the world
separate from others
experience things happening to you coming at you

and out of its intelligence from the body
which is wired for survival and procreation
engages in all sorts of psychological strategies
to safeguard and defend this fictitious
entity which you have assumed yourself to be

but consciousness
awareness is the reality of our experience
right now in every moment

is unbound

being this unconditional freedom

the body-mind mind does not tolerate the sense of separation
does not tolerate the sense of lack
and the unhappiness that comes with it

and thank goodness for that

because we are guided
back to the source
via our intolerance
for the sense of lack
and fear of ending

which is all the play of consciousness
your play

there are no victims
there’s nothing which is happening to you

it’s an impression
that something is happening to you
once you assume yourself to being a limited self

it goes hand in hand

the freedom from the sense of lack is via understanding

understanding the play

the understanding that I
does not refer to something perceived
or something felt
that I refers to reality

the reality of consciousness
which right now is
and knows it is

perceives and knows it perceives

so whenever you encounter the belief and the feeling
that you are somebody a limited person a man a woman
do not ride that pony

simply remain as you are.

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