Everything which refers to God is grace

Magdi Badawy, 03-12-2023

so welcome

as I was reflecting about the title of this meeting

“whatever refers to God is Grace”
or whatever refers the truth is Grace

I realized that everything refers
to God everything refers to truth

and yet there is
this feeling of being limited

with somebody with personal issues
personal problems


and then somehow
we become interested in
what is really going on
what is the root cause of our suffering

what is this experience
that we share

the Wonder of Awareness

somehow The Wonder of awareness
reveals itself
even for a brief moment

a complete different dimension
than the dimension of personal issues
and personal problems

we may wonder
what Grace is there in our suffering

what is it
what is it for
what’s the purpose

and yet many of us can
attest to
the purpose of suffering
and bringing us somehow
into this inquiry
this investigation

somehow there is grace
in suffering

it’s as if God is calling us from outside
to look Within

inviting us to
look deeper

sometimes we realize
that there is a peace
which does not belong
to the mind
which does not arise
out of experience

this sort of a Divine peace
Universal peace

which is a piece of being
in This Moment

our true self
is that restful peace

we will become more and more familiar
with this peace

then we start to experience this peace
in the midst of our life

in the midst of activity

first we may try to hold on to it

then in time we realize that we are it
we don’t need to hold on to itself
it already is itself

you already are
what you are is that peace
that causeless peace

the mind takes some time
but at some point it starts to rest
to rest in the peace

rather than the mind looking for the peace
it is the peace that permeates the mind

so there is no one that needs to do anything

no need to identify ourselves as anything or anyone

to be available
the availability of presence
the availability of our true nature already is

there are no doors no gates
to ourselves

our self is awareness

whenever you contemplate


it is Grace

it is Grace which is
interested in truth

it invites you

so be open
be available
for the mystery

do not realize only in your mind.

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