The shining light of consciousness

Magdi Badawy, 02-05-2023

When we don’t retain
when our hands are open
not holding on to anything

there is a relaxation

so for this duration of this meeting
you don’t need to
hold on to anything
you don’t need to remember anything
we don’t need to
get anywhere

you simply
the simplicity
of presence
the effortlessness
of presence

let your experience
be just what it is
don’t give a dawn about it
how you’re feeling
the thoughts that are coming through
your mind

let it all be
just as it is
to be completely indifferent
to anything which is appearing to you

let the past be what it is
completely absent

let the future be what it is
completely absent

you don’t need to do anything
nothing at all

nothing that you need to know

and forget about your past achievements
also past experiences

every moment is a fresh moment
never experienced before
and never experienced again

you have no name
you have no form

thoughts appear to you
as they appear they
dissolve in you


you try to hold on to them
and they’re gone
it’s nothing to hold on to

and you have no hands
to hold on to anything

you are not located anywhere

you perceive
you are aware

your entire reality
is awareness

in the history of your body
and the history of your mind

are just that
scripts on a piece of paper
a narrative
a movie on the screen

because the body and the mind
there are a movie on the screen

they’re perceived

they are paintings

you are the creator
you are the artist
you are

that which does not appear on the screen

you do the best you can with the body
with the mind but
you don’t need to identify yourself
with the body with the mind

with various states of mind

because identification is not real
there is no reality to it

outside of your imagination

no matter how hard you try
to pin yourself down as somebody
you are not a somebody

life is your playground
it does not define you in any way

look at the ocean how playful it is
waves crashing
on the ocean
on the shore


such creativity

the mind is just a movement
not a problem
that you need to solve
or fix

a flow of thoughts
and perceptions
and sensations

you don’t know what you are
and that’s perfect

not to know

simply Be not knowing

because being is
there is no way around
but being is not limited
we don’t know any limitations to being
we don’t know any limitations to awareness

that is our true experience
we don’t know
such freedom in not knowing

is rejoicing in not knowing

you don’t need to compare and analyze
and judge and measure
except if you work
in quality control in some factory
or some company

otherwise you don’t need to continue
to evaluate and measure and judge

what is it that we are evaluating and measuring
because thoughts they move

they don’t exist
appear and disappear

but you are that which
neither appears nor disappears
there’s no way around it

allow the universe
the universe itself
whichever way it chooses to
in your body in your mind
in your environment

because it is possible for you to understand
that you are not in the world
of the world
you are not in the mind or
of the mind
they appear to you
you being the freedom

you being the perceiver

nothing that you need to do
but you’re welcome to do whatever you
like to do
but nothing that you need to do

everything that you do you choose

you choose it as reality as consciousness
you don’t choose it as a personal chooser

because you don’t personally choose your thoughts
but yet your thought is yours it’s not somebody else’s

your as what
what is it that you are
what is it that right now perceives
that has no name
that is Unborn

you cannot go with a flashlight looking for the Sun
you cannot use thought
in order to discover awareness

because the thought is perceived
appears in awareness
but it does not perceive awareness

that you know you are aware
you know that you are
whatever that is you don’t need to know
it doesn’t matter
but you know you are

presence is

you look around you don’t find any borders to presence

to remain not knowing
being not knowing

I am
and I know that I am
without adding any qualificatives
without adding I am a male or female
I am this or that
because you are not this nor that

you may perceive this
you may perceive that

but why define yourself
via something that you perceive
no need to

the shiny light
the essence

the nominal
the non-phenomenal reality


as soon as you imagine yourself
existing in time and space
you’re playing a different game
the game of limitation
the game of separation

you are nameless

That’s so perfect.

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