Where is my freedom if I cannot choose my thoughts?

Magdi Badawy, 12-11-2022

So if we can turn our attention inward
the inner peace

the Stillness

the presence
divine presence

welcome your experience just as it appears to you

In This Moment
contemplate that I
refers to
this effortless
and not to

not to the body mind

the body mind has a name
but you have no name

meaning you consciousness
have no name

perceptions appear to you
instant by instant

simultaneously appearing
and dissolving and disappearing

but nothing happens to you
you being this aware presence

so you don’t need to imagine yourself to be somebody
to be a man or a woman or somebody

in order to hear these words
nothing is needed nothing
is required

so you can rest

we rest as being as presence

you don’t need memory
you don’t need to remember anything

you don’t need to do anything

so simply rest
As You Are

just for the duration of this meeting
you can let go of
trying to achieve anything
trying to fix anything

make no distinctions whatsoever

in particular vis-a-vis I
do not make any distinctions
between I and not I

explore or be open
to the possibility
that everything is I

that awareness does not exclude anything

everything is equal in love
everything is equal in truth in reality

although distinctions apply to the mind

appropriately so
there are no distinctions that apply to reality
there are no distinctions that apply to love
to truth
to consciousness

from the mind’s perspective
sometimes I love A
and I don’t love B
or I love B and I don’t love A
but from the perspective of reality
from the perspective of Consciousness
All Is Love All Is Love
all is truth

So we can recognize in this moment
our non-dual reality
the reality of consciousness
which has no borders

in Consciousness there isn’t my Consciousness
and your consciousness
my reality and your reality no

it is one
one reality

So this meeting is titled
“what is freedom if I do not choose my thoughts”

that thoughts appear to us
like the weather appears to us

we don’t have files and folders
to which we go in order to
pick and choose the current thought

that is not our experience
we perceive a thought it appears to us

there is not a personal chooser

which is choosing thought A and rejecting thought B

So then one may wonder where is my freedom what is my freedom
after all we all know
there is a reality of to Freedom
it’s not just a concept
we know it deeply within us in our heart

in order to come to an understanding
about your freedom
your true Freedom
your real freedom
you need to come to clarity about what I means

what I refers to

obviously there is limited freedom to the body

body-minds are limited
they have a limited freedom
a limited capacity
a limited potential

but when we say I
are we referring to the body

are we referring to a limited entity

or are we referring to
the reality which in this moment perceives this perception

whatever that is
something real is
there is a reality that perceives
even if this is a dream

there is a reality which perceives

I have to be clear that there’s only one I
which is the reality which perceives
which we refer to as Consciousness
or presence
or reality
or being

and as being we are all the same
we are all one
this is one aware presence

and the freedom we are speaking about is the freedom of consciousness

because Consciousness is not phenomenal
it is not made out of Flesh and Bones
or molecules atoms
it’s not made out of sticks and stones

Consciousness is what we refer to as I
each one of us refer to our self as I

not I this female form
or male form
or this mother
or father
son cousin


the formless Invisible Presence
that is alive and aware
knows that
it is

I know I am
I know I am I
I know I am aware
not I know I am a female awareness
or a male awareness that’s a fallacy

this I is one I
one reality

you have to be clear about the reality of Consciousness
and that this reality is nothing else but this very self I

this very I awareness
this normal mundane awareness
is God’s awareness

and that’s where God’s Freedom
your freedom the freedom of awareness
the freedom of Consciousness is

it is not in your personhood
it’s not in your body
it’s not in your mind
there’s a limited Freedom there

so you need to come to understanding about your true freedom
so that you cease to suffer from the sense of limitation
which plagues us all

it’s time to see through this false belief of limitation

in the sense of conditional freedom I will be free
when and if sometimes in the future
to see through this fallacy

to come to understanding about Consciousness
and the freedom and the joy and the happiness
and the love that it is
that I am

and the path to this understanding is to investigate
investigate your belief that you meaning consciousness
is limited then depends on the body mind

investigate this evidence
is there any evidence
that you are born
not that the body is born
not that thought arises
but that you
that Consciousness is born
and that conscious that Consciousness exists
in time and space
this is your investigation

it’s via your investigation
that you will come to your understanding
not my understanding
your own understanding
your own certainty
so that this certainty will be used
the clarity will be used

what evidence is there that Consciousness will die one day
that it’s limited
that it’s personal
that it resides inside my body
or inside my brain
or two inches behind my eyes or

what is that evidence that we have outside the belief
that you are limited and personal
meaning always you means consciousness

not the body of course
we all know the body is limited
that’s not a big deal
you Consciousness
I consciousness

so this inquiry is yours to conduct
to seek assistance in the
process as needed

in order to come to your certainty to your clarity

that there is no personal freedom

but that your freedom is real
it is God’s Freedom
it is the freedom of Consciousness
the freedom
which is your reality

you need to visit that over and over
until you come to clarity

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