I am the tree, the wind and the bird

Magdi Badawy, 08-11-2022


lovely to be with you all
holger rochell
frank hi chris
karen george and holly

so welcome the totality of your experience

no need to make any distinctions right now

sensation may appear to you
the bodily sensation

a thought

an image

they appear effortlessly
there is no personal will

and they appear in the same space

borderless awareness

nothing that you need to do

awareness is seamless


that it is not divided

in part of that which appears

is me
and part of that which appears is
not me

everything that appears to you appears equally

it appears equally as awareness

it’s the same awareness which perceives
a sensation of your feet on the ground
and perceives the sound of traffic

the same
the same space
the same presence

which perceives hearing these words

and perceives a sensation of hunger
or perceives the oak tree in the yard

given everything that you perceive
all perceptions
all sensations
and all thoughts
appear equally in the same space

it is a personal choice
to say that the perceptions of the body
is me
and the perception of the oak tree
is not me

because the oak tree is an equal appearance

to the appearance

of your body

when you look at your hand
when you look at the oak tree
they’re both equal perceptions

when you look at the sensation
of your back
against the couch

the memory of your grandparents

both the sensation of your back
against the couch and
the memory of your parents
are equal appearances

they appear in the same aware space

and yet we say i am the body
but i am not the image of my grandparents

i am not the image of new york city
that appears to me

when you take a closer look
you will find that
there are in fact
no actual divisions
or separations
and that the divisions and separations
are purely conceptual

we choose separation

and having chosen it
we experience it
and feel it
and live it

we separate ourself
as a person
a man
a woman

the senses of the body
are already programmed
to distinguish

a river and mountain

a lion and a cat

the fruit that’s edible
and that which is not edible

the body is already programmed
to navigate in the world

we learn
not to put our hand in the fire

not to jump in the pool
if we don’t know how to swim

with these distinctions
at the body-mind level

do not refer to awareness
awareness i


in the same space of awareness

you do not need to define yourself
as a certain set of perceptions
or a certain set of sensations

in order to
function in the world
it is actually
an impediment to harmonious functioning

this conceptual separation
between me and not me

is felt at the body level
as a

sense of

not the vulnerability of
the body in front of a lion
but the the vulnerability of i
of the self of consciousness
which is

not vulnerable

so i am

i am
the wind
i am the sunshine

i am the sound of traffic
i am the butterfly

i am the hum of the airplane

i am the breath

i am the cosmos

i am borderless awareness

i am
i am though
i am it
i am that
and i am i

i am not a thing

things appear
out of i to i within i
as i
thus not being a thing
everything is i

am the creator and the perceiver
not a created object
not a form
not a limited body mind

i am not this nor that
and yet this and that
are my very self

nothing is outside of myself
myself is not within anything

the body appears to me
the mountains appear to me

the wind appears to me
the sound of this voice appears to me

i do not appear
but without i
nothing appears
thus appearance
is i
relies on i
depends on i
is inherent to i
does not have a reality of its own
outside of i

i refers to being
being is aware
aware that it is

aware of its creation
creative potential

there is only one being
one reality
unopposed by some other reality

complete freedom

nothing lacking to
the reality of being

nothing that is
being sought after

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