A meditative contemplation

Magdi Badawy, 08-07-2022

okay welcome

so for the beginning of this meeting
just sit comfortably in the welcome

welcome yourself
welcome your experience
without reference to
the past
without reference to

without any reference

a simple

moment of being
of presence

which is not
trying to attain

it’s just uh
resting as itself
without defining yourself in any way

so that the body mind is restful

effortlessly restful

not trying to do anything

not trying to figure anything out

simply not knowing

which is not something that you need to know

in a way not knowing refers to
our natural

natural way

restful not knowing

resting presence

not complicated

in this restfulness there is no me or you
no separate beings
or separate characters

this presence is
neither female nor male

one could say it’s alive

but not an object

the aliveness of being
the amness
the fullness

sometimes we say
the full emptiness

being presence but
not being somebody in time

not being a person
a mother
a father

but the eternity of being
being the beingness
which is not an appearance in

in time and space
which takes on the form of this
appearance but remains transparent
remains non-phenomenal

and throughout your entire experience

being is presence

awareness is



the peace of being

at the heart
at the core of being

is the peace which is gateless
gateless peace

it permeates your entire experience
once you allow it to

once you do not restrict or constrict
the peace

with your beliefs

about who you are

beliefs about how things should be

beliefs about how
how others should behave

the core belief
that i am a person
i am a material form

overlooking the reality of consciousness

imagining consciousness to be a concept or
to be some personal experience
which it is not
consciousness is the reality
of experience

thoughts appear within
within awareness

consciousness does not arise from
a thought or from
a feeling

some people say all there is this

and their personhood is hiding
behind these statements
the sense of me

their storyline
is important to them

becomes a new subtle identity

very tricky

the peace of being is not personal

because there is no person in fact

outside of the belief in feeling

that we take for evidence
that there is a person

the stream of thoughts and the stream of feelings

but in fact there never
has been a personal consciousness

never was and never has been
or never will be personal freedom
personal peace
because there has never been a person

the revelation that there is no person opens the gate

which has always been open

in fact there’s never been a gate

the gateless gate from
from what to what from where to where

from a troubled mind to a peaceful mind

confusion to
to clarity

from a
sense of concern to
deep satisfaction

what stands in the way

there’s a hurdle that we’re trying to jump over
who’s who’s jumping over the hurdle
what is this hurdle

something that appears to you

how could anything that appears to you
coud be behind your very own being
to your own knowingness

i am the reality which perceives

the reality which is the reality of consciousness

each moment is a fresh moment

causeless freedom
of being

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