The peace that passeth understanding

Magdi Badawy, 07-23-2022

hello nathan

patrick frank
hello mina
hi jeff
salue shiva

so you’re welcome to turn your attention inward

and welcome yourself
the peace
causeless peace of being

no need for any images no need for
or any
particular activity

without anyone doing anything

which is a sort of recognition
that which we are

is restfulness itself

there may be
sounds and

but they appear in this
profound and
bottomless silence

that which we are
this formless presence

may take on the form of
a sensation
a thought

but it does not define itself
as whatever it is that it
creates and perceives

your reality is this borderless

non non-local


the peace of being

which is not caused
the result of a certain experience

not the result of any feeling

or any


because the causeless peace of being

that which
you are
that which perceives this moment
this perception

it’s not the result of
any cause

is not the result of any mind activity

understanding about
our true nature is not
something that you do

it is something that is done through you

in religious terms one could say
it is god’s understanding
shining through your mind and body

mature mind and body belong to god
they belong
to the universe
they are an aspect of the totality

the totality is not a result of
the parts which composite

that which you are
is not
the result of birth and death of body minds
or is not the result of
cosmic arrays
or galactic fields

between each thought and between each perception
between each image you are

like between every cloud
the sky is
space is

but also every thought
every perception
and every cloud is permeated
by the sky
its substance its essence its reality

is universal consciousness
the transparency of being

peace means no position
no opposing force
that mind that is no longer puzzled

a body that is not psychologically contracted

which is revealed to be your true self

your identification
your phenomenal identification
any identification

has ceased to interest you and has ceased to

operate within your being within your body mind

peace is not something that you gain and lose

so we can release your sense of self
into the vastness

without any worry or concern

inviting grace to
permeate your entire being

to be available
without expectation

to live life as this
availability is
without conditions

the mind operates in
according to certain rules and structures
apply more or less successfully
in the realm of phenomena

but when it comes to reality to the understanding about true nature
the mind is helped

assisted by the scriptures by the teaching
guided but from beyond

this guidance directs the mind
towards its source

and there the mind can soak
into the the bliss of the self

and be healed

from the impression of separation and the
unhappiness of the belief of being a person

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