The reality of presence

Magdi Badawy, 06-23-2022

hello everyone
lovely to be with you
hello holger nathan
charlie george mina markon

so we get together
we meet as presence

wherever we are
whatever we do whatever’s going on
whatever is happening

it is presence beingness
consciousness taking on this form

like in this moment it is presence beingness
taking on the form of this conversation
this perception this sensation

it’s always there unmoving

the reality of presence

to recognize oneself

this is simply the recognition of presence

it is a presence itself that recognizes recognizes itself

awareness itself that recognizes itself

that’s what peace is
peace is this recognition of beings being knowingly itself

no there is no concern nothing lacking nothing that

we need to attain we need to fix
life unfolding as

this presence presence unfolding as life

what we call life
so in this moment what what is life

isn’t it this
a wholeness
this totality this completeness this beingness

including the sounds and the sensations

the meaning

nothing excluded right

wherever you are with this presence whatever

you’re doing it is presence

but whenever you’re looking for yourself
then it’s sort of
a foolish way in which presence is appearing

because you don’t need to look for yourself
you already are you you are this
transparent presence

you don’t need to
improve yourself because whatever you’re improving it’s a falsehood
because in presence there is there is no time

and improvement is in time
improvement is in time

whatever unfolds in time is just a stream of images

which is unfolding in presence

but they’re not two
the images unfolding presence itself are one

what is lacking in presence

something says um
there is more
maybe there is more
more for
for me

maybe there is something that
this me

get something special
something valuable for me

and as soon as we buy this
falsehood we engage in
seeking and worrying and
searching for
for whom

you see for whom
for somebody somebody who exists in time

somebody who is born and is living in time

but you don’t live in time
and time appears to you

events thoughts memories appear to you
but you don’t exist in time

so whatever
whatever you seek for
for yourself is

just an imaginary
an illusion and

it engages you in all sorts of concerns

the mind gets stirred up
the feelings the emotions get triggered

and then we are struggling
struggling with with the feelings and the emotions

well all along here we are
perfect as we are everything is perfect as it is

it already is it’s already on board

there is no need to argue with the sunshine or with the rain

no need to argue with the gravity
with the galactic fields

to rest
to invite yourself
invite the entire
realm of your experience
to rest at the core

the no movement at the core
there is activity at the surface at the
periphery but the stillness silence the peace at the core of being

so that the activities of the world
and the body and the mind

don’t disturb being
don’t disturb reality

because reality is not phenomenal
it’s not disturbable

there is no separate personal self anywhere

it’s one seamless reality one

the seamless field of being

of movement sensations and flow and stillness

you notice the breath

which is made out of listening

sensations within the body

made out of stillness

this wide open aware


the knowing space

just made out of knowingness

it knows it is

and it knows that
it knows

you are not a local entity

you are not a limited


there’s no

or a limitation to awareness

boundless fullness


so that you and the infinity are one

in every way

this awake aware infinity

which has no beginning
no ending

to join the freedom
of being

in the peace

the love

the beauty

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