Form is not a problem

Magdi Badawy, 06-11-2022

hello everyone lovely to see you all
hello trish
nathan holger george
patrick holly malcolm
frank and john

hello lovely to be with you

so in order to
gather here together as this
one presence
we don’t need to
carry the past
we don’t need to know anything about
that which we are
so we meet in this complete not knowing
this complete openness

now which is not in time

so in the now in presence and as presence
there is no separation

we are always meeting in the now
we are always meeting in presence

before you download this story about yourself or a story about your experience

all is well and complete as it is

being it is
being is

non-being is not

your entire experience is a validation of being

it is not about
your life

about the world
about your culture
about your body
your experience is an ongoing validation of being

not being somebody
not being good or bad
but the pure being
pure awareness

before you say i am this or i am that
you say and you know i am

i am is the peace
i am is the freedom
i am is the totality
i am is the sufficiency

as soon as you add i am somebody

you have entered into the sense of lack
and the sense of limitation

you experience yourself as somebody as a limited self
and you experience the world around you
and others as separate from yourself
none of which is true

but because you give importance to your feelings

you make the imaginary you make the illusory
appear as true

and so you suffer the illusion of separation in your feelings
in your body
in your belly

then you spend the rest of your life struggling with the feelings

without any success

you imagine that the freedom of being depends on the world

depends on your relationships
with your family
with your friends
with your co-workers
with your neighbors

you imagine that freedom is conditional

then because you do not have the courage to drop this illusion

you live a subject to the world
subject to the body
subject to the mind

so can you become utterly silent and still

not moving
away from something
or towards something

can you be silent and still

so that you are not a subject

to the stream of thought
and the stream of feelings and emotions

thoughts and feelings appear to you

the appearance disappears instantaneously
what power do they have over you

what power does a cloud
have over the wide open sky

why make yourself subject

to thoughts and emotions bodily sensations

what if you do not define yourself or
view yourself in any way whatsoever

not as a man woman mother
not to view yourself in any way whatsoever
in this moment
this moment which is not in time

how about letting the bygone be bygone

so that every moment is a fresh
moment of being of presence of awareness
not an ongoing me-story

why are we not content with i am
and we’d rather
be content with i am this or i am that

because as soon as i am this
or i am that i have to defend


this and that

but i am
doesn’t need to defend and protect and maintain anything

there is no issue with phenomena
thoughts and perceptions and events in the world

like there are no issues with clouds appearing in the sky

but believing yourself to be a mortal entity
believing yourself to be somebody who’s
subject to the conditions that is the misery

this illusory me that we’re so busy
protecting and maintaining and safeguarding cajoling

an ending an unending whiny whining
illusory me

whining about this and whining about that

but the moment you are not defining yourself in any way
here you are as this aware presence effortless presence

filling the entire realm with presence

nothing lacking
nothing too much

so we remain as we are in this moment
not knowing
being not knowing

beingness is sufficient unto itself it does not
need to know anything as if it is lacking any knowledge

everything you’re protecting is illusion

that which you are
the reality of consciousness
needs no protection

so you must decide
which game do you want to play

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