What is Ananda?

Magdi Badawy, 06-30-2024

Hello, everyone.

Lovely to see you,
and to be together,
to invite ourself,
to recognize ourself
as this ordinary awareness,
which is not so ordinary after all.

So we can turn our attention
to the source of attention.
Attention turning itself
towards itself
rather than outwardly.

Although, in fact,
there is no reality to
inwardly or outwardly.

Because in God’s reality,
in God’s realm,
there are no divisions.

As consciousness turns
its attention from Itself to Itself,
recognizing Itself, there is Peace.

Like a child in mother’s arms
is restful; we are the child,
and we are the mother as one.

There is nowhere we are going,
and nowhere where we came from.
We are the origin,
and we are the destination.

As you sink in
deeper and deeper into Presence,
which is impersonal,
which is effortless,
this deep, profound relaxation
and resting as Being.
It is Ananda,
the bliss of being.

In this moment
of peace,
of being,
of Ananda,
there is no separate self.
There is no separate entity.
There are no personal issues.

The Mind is dissolved in Presence,
in being,
as you recognize yourself,
as this transparent presence,
being is recognizing itself
as reality.

beingness as one,
which is Sat Chit Ananda.

There is nothing you need to do.
It is all done.
And you are that doing which is done.
You are that done doing.

The seeking tendency of the mind
is no longer operating.

that which we are seeking is ourself,
that which we are,
which is this extraordinary,
ordinary awareness.

World events
and events in the body,
events in the mind
are simply currents within the ocean.

There is no disturbance.
The ocean is undisturbed.

Ananda is not something you seek.
It is the understanding
and the profound realization
that there is no seeker,
and that all that is sought
is already achieved
in the understanding about the Self,
in the understanding about
what I truly means and what I truly is.
Not a storyline.

You are not an event in time and space.
You’re not somebody living in a world,
all of that appears to you
and is made out of you.

We are viewing our creation,
composing it,
and simultaneously viewing it.

We are the formless Self,
the formless reality.
And forms are, in a way, your dreams.

It is out of your freedom
that you create an experience.
And there is no obligation whatsoever,
imposed upon your freedom by anyone or anything.

And as the understanding about your Self,
your true Self
there is clarity
about your freedom and clarity
about your choices.
And you choose happiness;
naturally, effortlessly.
You choose the path of least resistance,
the path of harmony,
a harmonious symphony.

That’s your vibration,
that’s your music;
a harmonious flow.

The ending of your personal desires
is Ananda.
The recognition of your infinity and eternity
is Ananda.

The understanding about your wholeness
and your totality
is Ananda.

The recognition of your freedom,
of your causeless peace and happiness
is Ananda.

Consciousness recognizing itself.
The source recognizing itself
and not leaving itself
in order to identify with any form.
Not leaving itself in order to seek any experience,
is Ananda.

Which, in Buddhism they refer to as ordinary mind.
But this ordinary mind
is the mind that is blessed
by the understanding
that this ordinariness is extraordinary,
this simple understanding.

When you are seeking Ananda,
you are seeking an experience,
a personal experience.

Because you imagine yourself apart,
And yet,
we cannot avoid answering God’s call.

So we seek Ananda,
until it ceases to be sought.
Because when love of truth awakens within you,
it awakens that profound love
for peace and happiness.

But in time you realize
that it’s all taking care of itself, on its own.
There is very little for you to do.

You are beyond time and space.

Allow yourself to be that,
to experience yourself,
to feel it.

Everything appears within you.
You are this vastness,
formless awareness,
the light of being.

Allow yourself to be that,
to recognize that.

Notice your vastness.
Your formlessness.
Your borderlessness.

Invite yourself to this recognition.
Allow it.

Okay, so,
if you have any questions,
anything you would like to explore…
Make sure you unmute yourself.

You can also raise your hand.
Any questions?

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