Listening to others and sharing our understanding

Magdi Badawy, 06-04-2024

So we invite ourself to presence.

The body-mind settles in restfulness.

Because in restfulness,
there is an unavailability.
There is absence of story.

Whatever appears
appears in this restfulness.

The past is forgotten.
The future is absent.
It’s just this simple beingness.

There is no one trying to do anything,
no one special.
No teacher,
no student.

Just this open listening.
And in this open listening,
there is no one who knows anything.
It is a fresh moment by moment
without knowing,
without any narrative.

We notice the breath.
Various sensations in the body.

We remain not knowing.

We come together because
we enjoy coming together
to listen, to take a look.
Without even knowing
what we are listening to.

There are no conclusions we are reaching.
That is why we don’t hold on to anything
when the sky is wide open transparent.
The sky does not hold on to the clouds.

This vast field of being,
is a vast field of freedom,
transparent presence.

These are words to that point
to an experience which is not made out of words,
not made out of thoughts.

All is well as it is.

And yet in life
we engage,
we engage with the body,
we engage with the world,
we engage with friends,
with partners,
with family.

Can we engage as a completely open slate,
listening without knowing.
Loving, because we are.
We are That.

We are this same openness.
In relationships sometimes,
or maybe often,
we are relating from different levels of understanding,
let’s say.

Can we be present, open,
listening, sensing;
not coming from any position.
It’s alive.

Meaning, we don’t know ahead of time
that we’re interested.
We are not holding on to anything,
we are not trying to get somewhere,
or make a point, or defend a position.
Because that perpetuates the sense of separation.

To notice our habits,
our tendencies.

It’s quite challenging at time.
Sometimes others are a mirror.
Maybe more often than we think,
a reflection of our own self.

They appear to us with a message,
for us to discover.

Where the optic nerve meets the eye,
there is a blind spot.

We understand that,
we bring this understanding to the forefront.
Sometimes our resistance,
our habitual pattern kicks in
so quickly.

It’s inevitable given the profound conditioning
of this body-mind.
But we are interested,
we are interested in seeing through this.
We are interested in freedom, in Love,
we are interested in our vulnerability.

We are not teachers or guides;
we don’t know what we are,
but we know we are the same reality,
the same ocean.

And yet,
in life we meet friends and people,
who have
a different experience,
a different view,
a different sense of things.

We are eternal students of the way.

How do we meet each other?
To keep this question alive.

How do we meet our experience?

Once we come to the understanding
about Reality and Universality of consciousness,
then there is a journey that follows,
the journey of life.
The expression,
exploration of our understanding
in how we live,
how we interact,
how we listen.

Places where we may be holding on.

The universe comes to our help.
Inviting us to humility,
challenging us.
Pointing to our old positions,
which we still hold on to,
which are still operating below the radar.

It is easy to say
all is 1,
we are 1,
there is 1 reality.

But it is in the living
that the true demonstration.
It is a nonverbal demonstration
of our understanding.

Do we say yes to that?
We welcome that.

Sometimes we speak too much;
and I’m known for that.

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